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Latte Art

Latte Art

Latte Art Dominican Republic. Since the 15th Century, coffee has been a very enjoyable drink, both at home, when going out, and even at work. Staying over coffee is a very common habit among friends, the perfect excuse to strike up a conversation; Not everyone knows that there`s more to coffee and some people can make art of it.

This passion is called Barism, also commonly known as “Latte art”. More than just preparing different, artfully varieties of coffee drinks, it is a science dedicated to knowing everything about it. Every day, there is more madness for this popular drink. A booming art that started just a few years ago that is involving the conduct of many studies and research on the origins of coffee, its preparation and the tools used to make it.

To be a barista, a good coffee connoisseur, it is important to understand the cultivation of coffee, the experiences and work of the producing countries, day by day in a field immersed in coffee plantations. It is interesting to know the origin of the fruit so that the barista appreciates the value of the coffee bean with which he will work, since the bean is a very sensitive fruit and any variation or error quickly affects it.

The second step is to start training the palate. It will be time to know how to differentiate between sweet, bitter, acidic and even fruit flavors as long as there is a well-made extraction so that we can analyze the final result. Accuracy in this profession is an important point. Knowing the techniques, machinery and all the necessary tools will be a matter of practice, since all the techniques for the elaboration of this type of drink are continually renewed. New techniques appear and others that have already disappeared have resurfaced.

Being a barista is a lifestyle, therefore, you must expand your training, your knowledge and not only train the technique but let yourself be carried away by the imagination and be creative . The public today appreciates the techniques used in “latte art”, the art of coffee with milk, those drawings made on the surface of the coffee. The visual aspect is a very attractive potential for this type of audience.

A good barista will be able to develop sensory skills that perhaps he had not appreciated before, differentiating coffees and especially smells. All a possible challenge to achieve for all that coffee lover.

The word barista originated in Italy, and is applied to the person who is professionally trained to prepare espressos and is used to describe one with a high level and ability to make an espresso and the drinks that originate from it. The latte art barista is trained in mixology, and like a sommelier, specializes in one branch: coffee. Although in some countries the term barista can mean bartender.

A barista is an expert in producing espressos and the drinks that are based on it, in fact he must know how to operate an espresso machine, coffee grinding, flavors, types of coffee, techniques to know how to make latte art such as etching and pouring, among many other things. Latte art in Dominican Republic is common in places such as Santo Domingo, Santiago and Puerto Plata.

An expert latte art barista, knows the precise steps to make a coffee, his skills go beyond making good coffee and include knowing how to steam or cream milk. To become a latte art barista, you need to know the different types of coffee drinks and even be a little artistic, it also requires practice and training. This Barista guide by Perfect Daily Grind has important tips for those taking the first steps to become a professional Barista.

A place where we find the best varieties of gourmet coffee is at Rincón Del Café, located in the historic district of San Felipe, Puerto Plata. They source from a selection of small, local Dominican growers of various regions, and visitors are able to taste and smell at their store.



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