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Auto Insurance Tips

Auto Insurance Tips

Saving on car insurance:

Auto insurance tips are always welcome. Although it may seem complicated, finding cheaper car insurance is not a complex task if we are clear about certain tips and guides when it comes to renewing our policy. Most people have no idea how the system works, so here we offer some tips on how to get savings while buying car insurance.

As a starting point, we must bear in mind that in order to save both time and money when contracting car insurance, the most important thing is to compare the budgets of the different insurers to see which is the most convenient; given that there is no cheaper or better insurance or company in a general sense; but the most suitable according to the type of driver.

We must take into account that the age, sex of the driver and his accident history are the factors that determine, to a large extent, the amount of the insurance premium, since the risks it covers are different in each case and it is also the way in which each insurance company calculates them.

Car insurance tips
Insurance costs can go down if you follow these tips before buying car insurance.


Generally, it is proven that insurers that operate over the Internet or by phone offer lower rates than the market average, precisely because of the cost savings derived from their type of business. In addition to this important consideration and the auto insurance tips we offer, read carefully another series of useful and decisive advice when deciding on a policy that perfectly suits us:

  • Before contracting car insurance, it is advisable to inquire about the Bonus-Malus system applied by the insurer. In fact, drivers with fewer claims can see how their insurance premiums drop in subsequent years, coming to have very cheap prices on their policies.
  • If your car is new, it is advisable to take out comprehensive insurance. However, keep in mind that after the fifth year of the car’s life it is no longer worth it to maintain insurance with full coverage, as would be the case with all risks. In this case, it is more interesting to analyze the options of an extended third-party modality.
  • The payment of a higher deductible represents a significant saving in the final price of the insurance and an interesting option in the case of cautious drivers or for those who rarely use their vehicle.
  • Likewise, many insurers offer their clients the possibility of agreeing on a installment payment, but it is important not to lose sight of the fact that, sometimes, payment in installments can include an increase in the final price, so it is essential to inform us correctly before signing the policy contract.

Before buying your car, compare insurance costs. Be sure to find out how much it will cost to insure the car. Part of the cost of insurance premiums will be affected as a result of the type of car, the purchase price, the cost of repairing it, its overall security performance, and the potential for theft.

Many insurances offer additional discounts to drivers who install safety measures or whose cars have elements that already come from the factory; for example, if they have airbags or not, they use daytime running lights, they use devices that prevent or make theft more difficult, they have security brakes and anti-lock brakes, etc.

Some states in particular require insurance or insurance company to give additional discounts to their clients for installing additional security measures in their car. This article on 15 tips for cutting car insurance costs offers universal advice we consider helpful if you want to dig deeper before buying your next car insurance. Find local insurance providers in the Citybook.


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