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Amber Cove Restaurants

Amber Cove restaurants combine an excellent menu provided by the Coco Caña, combining international and local dishes. The menus reflect the rich cultural tapestry of the region, featuring Caribbean-infused flavors that tantalize the taste buds. The main restaurant is located right by the central swimming pool, which includes a terrace, lounge and wet bar. This is the main entertainment area of Amber Cove port, no doubt.

A second restaurant built in classic Victorian style is located at the shores of the port, right by the big photo op sign. The third is high up at the Sky Bar, and the fourth at the Cabana Bar. With each bite, diners embark on a culinary journey that harmoniously blends local ingredients and global influences, creating an unforgettable dining experience amidst the captivating ambiance of Amber Cove.

Amber Cove Coco Caña Pool Lounge

Amber Cove Coco Caña Pool Lounge is the heart of entertainment in this Puerto Plata port, right on the main swimming pool. This bar...

Amber Cove Cabana Bar

Nestled along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Amber Cove Port Cabana Bar is a hidden experience of relaxation, that services the overwater...

Amber Cove Coco Cana Restaurant

Amber Cove Coco Cana Restaurant is the top choice when it comes to fine dining in a beautiful Victorian style building by the ocean,...

Amber Cove Sky Bar

The Amber Cove Sky Bar is the highest elevation point of the Carnival Cruises port in Puerto Plata, making it the most ideal spot...