Amber Cove port amenities have quickly made this Carnival destination one of the most demanded in the Caribbean cruise industry, so be ready if your next cruise includes a stop in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Once your ship arrives to port you get a warm welcome by the friendly Dominican staff at the port.

The two immediate choices when walking into the port will be the shopping area to the left or the Aqua Zone to the right. The list of Amber Cove things to do ensures you will have a fabulous day in this port.

  • Amber Cove Location & Layout
Map of Amber Cove showing the port amenities
The Amber Cove map shows all the amenities locations. Map Courtesy of Amber Cove.

Amber Cove is located in Maimon, Puerto Plata, the most important city in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. It feels kind of secluded and private, just outside the city, which gives it a special sense of privacy. The distance from the heart of town is about 20 minutes by taxi.

Right next to the port there are 2 resorts and a secluded beach called Bachata. The rest of the landscape is the Maimon Bay and lots of green mountain and ocean landscape. An audio version of this article is available, see the link at the bottom.



The Amber Cove Pier

The pier at Amber Cove measures 1280 feet, with capacity for 2 ships to berth. Complimentary bicycle rickshaws are available to take you from the ship to the port, built over 25 acres that include the many amenities listed here. While the free ride is great, taking the walk is good exercise, we recommend it and the surrounding landscape views of Maimon, Puerto Plata are gorgeous. The Amber Cove interactive map is the easiest way to navigate the port’s many features.

Amber Cove pier bicycle rickshaws
The bicycle rickshaws at Amber Cove Pier
Avoiding The Crowds

The first one to two hours the crowds will be coming out of the gangways (walkway connecting the vessel to land) and perhaps you prefer to wait before heading out to port. Most passengers will head first to the swimming pool and bar/restaurants areas; meaning you can avoid the crowds easier by heading to the shopping area first. 

Amber Cove port berths
Amber Cove crowds walking the pier.

Duty Free Shop & Shopping Center:

As you step off your cruise ship, go through the welcome lobby and take a left, where you will find an array of shops, such as Dufry duty free, Diamonds international, the marketplace, Dominican Things, Island Treasures and other super interesting gift shops. There is also a rental car office from Alamo’s and a Taxi pick up spot for prearranged transfers. The center gazebo is a tourist information center, and right across there is the Coco Caña Bar & Restaurant.

Interior areas of Dufry duty free
Dufry Duty Free Shop in Amber Cove
The Coco Caña Restaurant & Swim-Up Bar:

One of the highlights of Amber Cove things to do is spending time at the magnificent resort-style pool. This sprawling oasis provides a refreshing respite from the Caribbean heat, offering ample space for lounging and soaking up the sun. Coco Caña is a restaurant lounge that opens as a swim up bar on the main swimming pool side. The swim-up bar is a popular spot, allowing you to savor your favorite drinks while immersing yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the pool.

Amber Cove aqua zone swimming pool
The aqua zone has many great amenities in Amber Cove.

The Aqua Zone

For thrill-seekers and families alike, The Aqua Zone at Amber Cove promises an exhilarating experience. With its large swimming pool, lazy river, towering water slides, swim up bar, and splash zones, the Aqua Zone offers endless fun and excitement. This is where you find the Sky Bar on top, the hillside and pool side cabanas, the zip lines, Coco Caña pool side lounge, children’s pool, the cabana bar, crew center and the overwater cabanas.

amber cove coco cana lounge and swim up bar
The Coco Caña swim up bar is the heart of the Aquazone.
Amber Cove Kids Pool

The Aqua Zone also includes a splash pool for children, with plenty of amenities that includes a waterfall tree, various water slides, and large toys. This area sits close enough yet separate from the adults area so children can have their own space. The Amber Cove kids pool is like a mini waterpark for the little ones.

Kids splash zone at Amber Cove
Kids splash zone at Amber Cove
Kayaks, Paddle Board & Pedal Board Rental

Water sports rentals such as kayaks, paddle board and pedal board are available at Amber Cove, in a special area right by the Cabana Bar on the East end of the port. This area sits right behind the overwater cabanas, making it quite convenient for those who rent Cabanas. This is one of those Amber Cove things to do we favor as the physical activity involved is very healthy and relaxing. Visit the Amber Cove recreation rentals for more information.

water sports rentals
View of the water sports rental area at Amber Cove Port.

The Sky Bar

One of our favorite Amber Cove Port Amenities, perched high above the Aqua Zone area, overlooking the swimming pools, hilltop cabanas, and main wet bar lounge pools. The sweeping vistas from the Sky Bar are stunning, making it the top spot to enjoy your favorite drink, take in the Caribbean breeze and gorgeous landscape. The Sky Bar has a lighthouse design, covered by an inverted canopy that resembles a giant satellite dish, super cool looking.

The Sky Bar at Amber Cove
The Sky Bar at Amber Cove
Basketball & Walking Chess

 Right after the children’s splash pool we find a half court for basketball, near the crew center building. It is a great space to relax in a more quiet space, and practice a few shots in the half court; also to have a fun game with the large chess pieces.

The Chess area
The walking chess area

Nature Cove:

One of the first amenities we find once we enter the port to the right, past the Dufry store, is the Amber Cove Nature Cove. More than a beautiful walk through a small forest with waterfalls, this area showcases the history of natural resources of the Dominican Republic, specially Amber. It is worth the time and is a great space for photo ops.

Nature cove
A nature-inspired space, the Nature Cove
Zip Line & Slides

If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure, Amber Cove Port has you covered with its exhilarating zip line experiences. Soar above the Aqua Zone, its landscapes and verdant forests as you take in panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. Right below the zip line we find the hilltop cabanas, the slide and the main pool. Visit the Amber Cove Zip Line page for more information.

The zip line station at Amber Cove port
The zip line station at Amber Cove
Hillside & Poolside Cabanas

The hillside cabanas are located on the top of the hill, to the right of the Sky Bar, and offer stunning vistas of the landscape and the Aqua Zone below. These cabanas fit 6 people and include deluxe features such as private Jacuzzi with temp control, dedicated server and are located within easy walking distance to the Sky Bar. Read more on the Amber Cove Cabanas in the featured article.

hilltop cabanas
View from a hilltop Cabana at Amber Cove.


The Ocean Cabanas

Those who prefer being in the water can book an ocean cabana, fully equipped with dedicated server, WiFi, TV, and direct access to water sports. Guests can jump into the open waters right from the Cabana deck balcony that also includes chairs and loungers. The Cabanas are considered one of the top Amber Cove port amenities. Visit the featured article on the Amber Cove Cabanas, it has all the information and link to Amber Cove’s booking page.

the ocean cabanas are right on the water
The Amber Cove Ocean Cabanas
Amber Cove Shore Excursions

The list of shore excursions available for passengers of Amber Cove is quite extensive, there is a tour for every one; Puerto Plata city tours, the cable car ride, horseback riding in the outback, ATV adventures, private catamaran charters, local museums, golfing, and water sports just to name a few.

Check out the Amber Cove Shore Excursions page to view and book any of the available activities from the extensive list. There are many great beaches and custom tours that can be ordered with private tour guide. The Puerto Plata private catamaran charter is one of the top 5 excursions for Amber Cove passengers.

private catamaran
Private catamaran excursion
Taxis & Transfers

Transfers and Taxis in Amber Cove have two locations, one behind the shopping center where all the buses are parked to pick up pre-arranged excursions, and another one by the port entrance where you get picked up by every other transfer or taxi service you use. The cost of a transfer varies, between $20-60 or higher depending on the location and amount of people. Find more information in the featured article on Amber Cove Transfers & Taxis.

Taxi pick up area
The Transfer zone behind the shopping center.

Things to Know

The Amber Cove port was built with families in mind, hence the long list of amenities available for its visitors. The port has free WiFi, there are public bathrooms in various key locations, as expected of course; You can book tours right from the port, also via the various tour operators of Puerto Plata, including the Amber Cove Shore Excursions page of this Cruise Port Guide, the top source of tours in Puerto Plata.

A very engaging way to see the whole list of Amber Cove port amenities is the interactive map developed by the Puerto Plata DR guide, currently the first and only of its kind. It has links to all the amenities, with photos and useful information. Find the link below for more:

Amber Cove Interactive Map

Disclaimer: When taking a tour, kindly ask to be allowed to buy from any of the stores you find along the walking path, because you will notice the guide might insist that you buy from certain stores; we believe you should be able to buy from whichever place you like, specially while taking the city tour.

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