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Puerto Plata
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Amber Cove Bars offer a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for visitors to indulge in relaxation and celebration. With the glistening Caribbean waters as a backdrop, these bars provide a perfect escape for cruise passengers and travelers alike. As visitors sip on exotic concoctions, they can also savor the captivating views of the surrounding mountains and azure waters.

Places such as the Coco Cana Pool Lounge, the Sky Bar, Cabana Bar or the Cafe Cibao provide an excellent atmosphere to share great moments with friends and family. Whether one is seeking a tranquil spot to unwind or a spirited locale to mingle with fellow travelers, the bars at Amber Cove port encapsulate the essence of the Caribbean’s leisurely charm, making every moment a memorable one. Try some of the best  Dominican Rum such as Brugal or Barcelo; or the famous Dominican Mama Juana.

Amber Cove Cafe Cibao

Amber Cove Cafe Cibao is a coffee lover's paradise in the Carnival Cruises port of Puerto Plata, a popular cruise ship destination known for...

Amber Cove Coco Caña Pool Lounge

Amber Cove Coco Caña Pool Lounge is the heart of entertainment in this Puerto Plata port, right on the main swimming pool. This bar...

Amber Cove Cabana Bar

Nestled along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Amber Cove Port Cabana Bar is a hidden experience of relaxation, that services the overwater...

Amber Cove Coco Cana Restaurant

Amber Cove Coco Cana Restaurant is the top choice when it comes to fine dining in a beautiful Victorian style building by the ocean,...

Amber Cove Sky Bar

The Amber Cove Sky Bar is the highest elevation point of the Carnival Cruises port in Puerto Plata, making it the most ideal spot...