Taino Bay port amenities make this one of the most important cruise ship ports in the Dominican Republic, in its 20-acre property with capacity to dock several large ships at the same time.

The port boasts many great bars, restaurants, swimming pools, shopping areas, and attractions that keep visitors entertained for hours on end.

This long list of things to do in Taino Bay includes literally every single amenity there is.

Taino Bay Location & Layout

Taino Bay plan
Layout plan of Taino Bay port

Taino Bay is located in the city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. It was built in the city port right next to the historic center where the most beautiful historic landmarks are found. From the port it only takes a short taxi ride to some of the nicest beaches and attractions.



The Taino Bay Pier

The pier at Taino Bay port measures 1,312 feet, with capacity for 2 oasis-class ships to berth. To reach the port welcome center, cruise passengers can take a short walk (approx. 750 ft) or hitch a free ride in the port’s rickshaws. The fresh air and tropical landscape makes it a healthy choice to walk. You can pinpoint locations inside the port using the Taino Bay interactive map in this port guide.

Cruise passengers walk in the pier at Taino Bay
The Taino Bay pier is a short walk from the port facilities.
The Taino Bay Welcome Center

After the short distance at the pier, visitors go through the Taino Bay welcome center, a circle-shaped building housing the Keloke Bar, a lounge bar “hub” where visitors have the first contact with the Taino Bay entertainment welcome live show, booked excursions, ATM, restrooms and find the shopping mall access. From here you enter the port, and can also exit back to the berth area.

aerial view of the welcome center
The Taino Bay welcome center.

The welcome center also houses some stores such as Diamonds International (left side when entering), and the Taino Bay Dufry duty free shop on the right side. The building has gorgeous murals depicting Dominican Republic culture.

Keloke Bar

Keloke Bar at Taino Bay is the lounge bar at the welcome center, and the very first you come in contact with when entering the port. It has a nice lounge area, terrace and views of the central fountain courtyard. This bar has great vibes, the perfect introduction to the port, and also the best one to enjoy a last drink before heading back to the ship as it is right next to the exit.

Keloke bar
Keloke Bar at Taino Bay
The Dufry Duty Free Shop

Also located at the welcome center, the Taino Bay Duty Free store is very convenient as it allows cruise passengers to buy either at arriving in or departing time. Dufry is well known for providing a wide range of products most people will need during a cruise trip, also gifts to take back home. This is one of the top things to do if you need a quick item entering or leaving Taino Bay port.

Dufry duty free store at Taino Bay port.
The Dufry duty free store at Taino Bay.
San Mangu Restaurant

The Dominican Republic has its own specialized cuisine born out of its Caribbean culture, influenced by Africans and Europeans during its colonial past (Europeans arrived here in 1492). San Mangu restaurant pays homage to the best of local food, offering iconic dishes such as Sancocho, Mangu, La Bandera Dominicana and many others you can reference in the Dominican Republic food article in this port guide.

Terrace at San Mangu in Taino Bay Port
Terrace at San Mangu Restaurant
Dahao Swimming Pool

The Dahao swimming pool at Taino Bay is a true oasis all cruise passengers must visit, with access to Juracan Lounge bar, the Dom Dom pool bar and the Casa Palapa Mexican restaurant. This is the true heart of the port, located on the West side just before the Lazy River pool. The Taino Bay pool is ranked as one of the best pool designs of all Caribbean ports.

Dahao swimming pool
The Dahao Swimming pool feels great.
Juracan Mix Bar

Considered by many the coolest bar at the port, the Juracan Mix Bar is “the” lounge of the Dahao swimming pool, built like a giant hut with a central bar, covered tables and alfresco loungers. Here you find bean bag chairs to sprawl while savoring your favorite Caribbean cocktail, among great conversation. Live music and shows, plus the views of the port make this a must visit on your next cruise trip to the Puerto Plata.

Juracan Bar
Juracan Mix Bar
Casa Palapa Restaurant

Right next to the Dahao swimming pool we find Casa Palapa, a Mexican restaurant where visitors can enjoy exquisite fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, tacos and other international dishes. Cruise passengers will find this the ideal place to recharge when drinking and partying makes you hungry.

View of Casa Palapa Mexican
The Casa Palapa restaurant.
Taino Bay Shore Excursions

Puerto Plata offers a long list of tours that include city tours, museums, historic sites, cigar clubs, rum factory, Damajagua 27 waterfalls, catamaran charters,  Sosua beach snorkeling, diving, fishing, ATV adventures, local beaches, horseback riding, and much more. Visit the Taino Bay shore excursions page to view the full catalog.

Puerto Plata catamaran excursion
Puerto Plata catamaran excursion
27 falls tour
The 27 falls tour in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.


The Taino Bay Port Beach Lounge & Hammocks

The Taino Bay Port Beach is an oceanfront beach lounge with hammocks and loungers, surrounded by swaying tropical palm trees. This area extends throughout the whole South border of the port, and is surrounded by the Lazy River pool. It has its own bar, restaurant and shopping zone; this area is one of the best Taino Bay port amenities, needless to say.

View of the loungers by the bar
Beach lounge and Lazy River pool.
Taino Bay Shopping

Besides the stores in the welcome center, Taino Bay has 4 rows of shopping areas, North and center, and West of the port, all easily available within walking distance. Besides the usual duty free and diamonds international visitors will find clothing, gift shops, candy shops, eyeglasses, shoes, surfing clothing, local crafts, jewelry and more. Taino Bay shopping has it all when it comes to variety of stores.

Taino bay store, Atabey.
A row of stores at Taino Bay port.
The Lazy River Pool

A very entertaining way to spend time in the port is the Taino BayLazy River pool, located on the West end of the port. This long pool stretches approx. 300 ft and snakes around a beach lounge area that includes loungers, hammocks, pool bars and restaurants.

A shopping center sits on the North side of this area, and the views are truly relaxing. Taco Lover Restaurant and Tiki Tiki Bar are located in this area, and by its entrance, the Blue Parrot and Mojito Bar.

Lazy river pool
Lazy River swimming pool with beach lounge.
The Port Aviaries

To remind visitors they are in the Caribbean, half a dozen aviaries are distributed around the port areas, for visual pleasure and photo ops. beautiful Parrots and Cockatoos greet visitors to the main restaurant (San Mangu), the welcome center, the shopping plaza and Rum Bar. Signs warn visitors not to feed, use camera flash or touch the birds. See the Taino Bay Aviaries here.

Aviary parrot at Taino Bay
Blue Parrots at one of the aviaries.
Dom Dom Pool Bar

Located in the Dahao Pool between Juracan and Casa Palapa, Dom Dom pool bar is a wet bar to swim up to and lounge while enjoying the live shows in the main pool. It has a “dry” bar area also, with a terrace and lots of loungers. If you feel the Juracan is crowded, head over to Dom Dom and you might find it less crowded.

Dom Dom pool bar
Dom Dom pool bar
Taino Bay Monkey Island

Monkey Island at Taino Bay is an animal encounter attraction where visitors interact with cute squirrel monkeys inside a sanctuary enclosure. This is real fun, as the monkeys are bouncing and running all over the visitors and you get to feed them and take great photos.

Entrance to Monkey Island at Taino Bay port.
The ticket booth at Monkey Island.

Be ready to have one if not two of them on your head, arms or shoulders. The staff will guide you on securing loose items before going in, and hand you a bowl of fruits to feed the monkeys. You can take your own photos or buy the ones taken by staff. The cost is $25 for 30 minutes, enough to engage and get to know these adorable creatures.

A Top Taino Bay Amenity: The Seibar

Set in the middle of an oasis at the centermost shopping area of Taino Bay, the Seibar stands out as the bar where connoisseurs meet to have a casual conversation on any topic that might add to the already laidback atmosphere. The beautiful lush green views of the surrounding areas make it a delightful experience, be sure to stop by this bar on the way to the shopping areas in the center of the port.

Seibar at Taino Bay port, Puerto Plata DR.
A relaxing morning at Seibar, Taino Bay.
The Blue Parrot Lounge Bar

By far the largest bar at Taino Bay port, The Blue Parrot sits near the center of the Dahao swimming pool, and next to Mojito Bar. Built like a large Taino hut with thatched roofing, it features a beautiful tropical themed lounge with mural art. When your group is large and the smaller bars are crowded, this is the perfect spot close to the main entertainment areas. This is one of our favorite taino bay port amenities.

The Blue Parrot Bar at Taino Bay Port
The Blue Parrot Bar
Taino Bay Rum Bar

Taino Bay Rum Bar is an escape to try the best Dominican Republic rum, and yes, it gives you bragging rights as Puerto Plata is the place where in 1888 the Brugal rum was born. This cozy bar is located on the Northwest end of Taino Bay port, at the end of the first row of stores. It has a bar with exquisite nautical decor, also a terrace where visitors can try their Dominican cigars if they’re into smoking great puros.

Taino Bay rum bar
Any given day at the Rum Bar in Taino Bay.
The Mojito Bar

Taino Bay Mojito Bar is yet another superb choice for cocktails right before you walk into the Lazy River pool and beach lounge of the port, right next to the Blue Parrot and near the Dahao swimming pool. Their cold cervezas, mojitos, tequilas, rum drinks and margarita cocktails will leave you asking for more. Try the local Presidente beer, it is a major export of the Dominican Republic.

Mojito bar at Taino Bay port, Puerto Plata DR
Mojito Bar at Taino Bay Port.
Cortaito Coffee Shop

Coffee lovers will find Taino Bay Cortaito Cafe a true escape to enjoy their favorite macchiato, Cappuccino, Mocha or latte. This café has excellent Espresso and American coffee, and those who prefer Frappe with Amaretto, Caramel or Hazelnut will also find it in the menu.

Cortaito coffee shop
Cortaito coffee shop at Taino Bay port.

Cortaito also offers soft drinks and bakery treats such as fruit tart, Strawberry cheese cake, Chocolate filled bread, cinnamon rolls and croissant. The set up looks and feels great, and the terrace is an ideal place to relax away from the crowds. For us, this is one of the most interesting Taino Bay Port Amenities as we are coffee lovers.

Cacaito Chocolate Cafe

Cacaito at Taino Bay is the store to go for exquisite Dominican chocolate, including wine made from it. This store specializes in organic cacao products, great for taking your favorite flavor to share with family or friends. The store is located on the first row of the shopping area, 4 stores past San Mangu, right across the Seibar.

Cacaito chocolate shop
Cacaito chocolate shop
Taino Bay Boat Bar

Sun, sand, and sea in the Caribbean brings out vibes of the nautical lifestyle, and this bar knows it. Decorated like a sail boat, the Taino Bay Boat Bar is true to its name, offering a treasure trove of great cocktails crafted with Dominican Rum and other Caribbean spirits. 

Taino Bay Boat Bar
Taino Bay Boat Bar

Local spicy drinks such as Mama Juana or Brugal Leyenda are a must if you want to immerse in the local culture. Boat Bar is located in the West end of the port, right by the Beach Lounge.

Taco Lover Mexican Restaurant

Just when we thought we had gone down the full list of restaurants and bars at Taino Bay, we found the Taco Lover right next to the new shopping area next to the Lazy River pool. Having this and Tiki Tiki bar nearby makes it the perfect combo for recharging food and drinks if you are spending time at the Beach Lounge and Lazy River pool, it can’t get any better.

Facade of the Taco lover restaurant
Walking by Taco Lover at Taino Bay.
Tiki Tiki Pool Bar

Right at the heart of the Beach Lounge and the Lazy River pool visitors will find the Taino Bay Tiki Tiki Bar, a wet bar you walk to straight from the Lazy River, and also from the Beach Lounge as well. This is a great bar for small groups, and has scenic views of the surrounding area and the ships docked by the pier.

Tiki Tiki Bar
The Tiki Tiki Bar at Taino Bay port.
Taxi Service & Transfers

Taino Bay has an area for pre-booked tours transfers, and because the port is right in town some external tour operators pick up cruise passengers outside by the entrance. The city of Puerto Plata has plenty of local drivers inside and outside of the port, quite conveniently.

puerto plata catamaran

Other things to know about the port, there is WiFi available, several locations for restrooms and wheelchair access. Enjoy this guide to Taino Bay Port Amenities and let us know your thoughts on anything we might have missed.