Amber Cove’s Nature Cove: A Journey Through Time

Tucked away in the serene setting of Amber Cove port, there’s a unique ecosystem that transports you back in time, to a world ruled by dinosaurs: the Nature Cove. Located just beyond the Dufry duty-free store, this verdant haven pays homage to a Jurassic ecosystem, a magical blend of history, geology, and the breathtaking beauty of the Dominican Republic’s local fauna.

A Symphony in Amber

Amber, often referred to as nature’s time capsule, takes center stage in this prehistoric realm. Formed from ancient tree resin that has been fossilized over millions of years, amber has captured the imagination of scientists and enthusiasts alike. It preserves a moment in time, often with small organisms trapped inside, perfectly preserved for eternity.

Photo Gallery

Nature Cove showcases the intricate details of these amber-encased specimens, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to gaze upon species that lived millions of years ago. This fossilized resin provides a unique window into ancient ecosystems, giving us a tantalizing glimpse into life during the time of the dinosaurs.

Celebrating the Local Fauna

Beyond amber, Nature Cove is a celebration of the Dominican Republic’s vibrant local fauna. The region is rich in biodiversity, and the Cove ensures visitors don’t miss out on the marvels that surround them. Species such as Manatee, Rhinocerous Iguana, Lizards, dolphins and humpback whales are some of the featured species found in the display. Another gem you can learn about is Larimar, a blue pectolite only found in this island.

waterfall at the Nature Cove
Waterfall at the Nature Cove.

A Landscape Steeped in History

Architecturally, this space has been designed to emulate the prehistoric era. The ambience is further heightened by the presence of a waterfall and a meandering creek, both surrounded by tropical plants that seem plucked straight out of the Jurassic era. The lush greenery, combined with the soothing sound of flowing water, creates a tranquil atmosphere, making Nature Cove one of the most interesting Amber Cove amenities for cruise passengers.

Walking along the historic promenade is like journeying through a natural history museum, only better. It’s an open-air celebration of the past, present, and future of our planet. All this available at the Amber Cove cruise port in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

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