Amber Cove Top 3 Excursions

Amber Cove Top 3 Excursions, the very best. We’ve got a great video for you today on how to have fun outdoors. That’s right, this one is super special. If you’re cruising to the Dominican Republic and you’re going to Amber Cove, you’re going to definitely want to watch this as we recommend our top three shore excursions.

We’ve been there with the Mardi Gras, we’ve been there with the Carnival Freedom, and we love this port. It is one of our favorites. In fact, this port, as you should know, the weather is fantastic. Winter days average around 75 degrees, and it’s around 80 in the summer. Expect higher chances of rain in December, but the warmest sea temperatures are actually in August.

This is a beautiful port with tons of history and lots of things to do. It is actually one of the newer cruise ports in all of the Dominican Republic, and overall, you can’t beat it. So let’s talk about this video a little bit. As you can see here, Ocean World is one of the shore excursions we recommend.

Dancing Merengue
Dancing Merengue At Amber Cove

It’s located here, obviously, down below. You’ve got the 27 falls, and this is fantastic. We’re going to highlight that for you also. And then we’re also going to show what you can do with the port itself for free, which is pretty awesome.

So overall, the Dominican Republic is located in the middle of the Caribbean, south of Turks and Caicos, just east of Cuba, and southeast of Miami. And you’re going to love this video because we go through it all. Take a look at these birds with the lychee that is at Ocean World. There is so much excitement around this port.

Sky Bar vistas
The view from the Sky Bar

As I mentioned, it’s the newest port (at the time of the video) in the Dominican Republic, and we absolutely loved it. It is beautiful. Carnival spent a crazy amount of money building this port. Other cruise ships do come into it, and they have all kinds of cruise ships lined up.

So while you’re on that cruise ship, hanging out, doing the ’80s party, playing games, heading to the jacuzzi, playing putt-putt golf, and all the other stuff, what you’ve got to do is think about what are we going to do when we get to Amber Cove, right? So that’s what this video is all about, and help you plan out your trip.

Swimming pool at Amber Cove
The Swimming Pool at Amber Cove.

And we hope you love it, and we’re going to get started going through these three different opportunities you have when you get to Amber Cove.

There are other shore excursions, but these are the three that we like, and we’ve got some great video for you on it. So please definitely subscribe, hit the like button so we can get this video out to everyone else, and definitely check out our Instagram, Facebook page, and also our website

Okay, so we’re going to get started with what we consider third place at Amber Cove, and that is Amber Cove. That’s right, Carnival spent millions of dollars on this particular port, and it’s a lot more than the classic tourist trap, you know, with the different souvenir shops and jewelry shops and t-shirt shops.

They’ve actually got a whole beautiful area with the bars and the free pool slides, and you can rent all kinds of sports equipment, boats, and kayaks, and all kinds of cool things. So we’re going to talk about that. After that, we’re going to talk about if you’re already familiar with that, you can fast forward to Ocean World. That’s right, we did.

Coco Cana Lounge
The Coco Cana Bar and Lounge.

a video on that. Definitely check that out, but we’re going to give you an overview of that on this video. And we were really surprised, lots of fun things to do there. And then our first choice, that’s right, 27 falls. This is a great shore excursion.

You can do zip-lining, you can do the falls, you can do both, but it is absolutely fantastic. So let’s go ahead and get started with Amber Cove itself, and we’ll show you some great video from there. 

Okay, so let’s talk about our third-place choice, Amber Cove itself. It is beautiful. Carnival spent millions of dollars on this. They do have a walk-up to the main entrance, or you can take the little bicycle trolleys for free, and you can give them a tip. All of your shore excursions are right outside the entrance here, and if you decide to not book with the actual cruise line, you can book directly there and head off.

Pergola Hammock at Amber Cove
One of the pergola hammocks.

Our only recommendation is to get there early, and then you walk out to the buses and you’re off to the races. So lots of great activities in this area. They’ve done a great job. We’re going to show you our number two with Ocean World and our number one pick with the waterfalls.

But you can see there, you can take a taxi to many of these locations. The food is outstanding at this port. The restaurants they have are excellent, some of the best if not the best food that we got while we were down in the Caribbean was at this port. So don’t take it just from us, here’s what other people thought.

All right, what’d you guys think? Was that some great chow that would be the best in the Dominican Republic? I think so too. These guys did an awesome job. So, how’s those piña coladas? All right, cheers. Okay, now food is off the checklist. What about the shopping? You bet it is fantastic.

Amber Cove store
Pirana Joe store

They have all the standard big chains like Diamond International. The sculptures are beautiful, all brand new buildings, and all the big chains are there, along with all the local t-shirt souvenir shops, the pharmacies, you name it, it’s there, and it’s gorgeous. They’ve done a really nice job.

But in addition to that, they’ve also spent a ton of money on the water park. The bar overlooked, they’ve got a sky bar with beautiful views of the port, and we highly recommend you go up there for your photoshoots. But how about the water park? That’s right, it’s free.

Compare that to some of these other island exclusive islands and water parks throughout the Caribbean. Nothing really compares. I mean, this is a fantastic deal. Carnival has done a phenomenal job with this.

Damajagua falls trip
27 Falls Tour

The slides are actually excellent, the pool is great, they’ve got a lazy river, and you can’t beat that if you’re on a budget for sure. This is a great port. All right, here we are at Amber Cove, and they’ve got a great place to swim, hang out, hit the slides, and have some fun. 

So, as you can see, the lazy river was awesome. The pools are great, great places for the kids to swim, all kinds of fun slides and different activities for them. Plenty of chairs, you know how you always have to wrestle for those on the ship itself. But if you do want to spend some money, they’ve got some great options there too at a reasonable price.

Take a look at that zip line that crosses all the way over. They do have free areas like this nice lounging area that you can just hang out and get away from the kids. Or what about the water sports? Really fantastic overall, all kinds of rental opportunities. So, the zip line is $20 unlimited all day, which we thought was a great deal.

They have all the pool accessories, and they also have Wi-Fi rental. But overall, when you look at the water equipment rental, we thought it was very fair. They had, that’s right, the kayaks, the paddle pedal boats, the solar catamarans, all kinds of cool stuff, all brand new equipment, brand new dock, just a gorgeous area there.

We thought this was a great, great port. And overall, if you don’t want to do any of that, fine, just hang out at the pool, have some drinks, and have a great time because the pools are fantastic. They’re huge. And don’t worry about the food. Again, they’ve got all kinds of chow right there in the pool park area, and really good food.

And if you want to spend some big-time money, that’s right, you can rent your own little villa or go to the Caribbean fish spa and dip your feet in with the fish and get all those fancy treatments. But overall, no question about it, that’s why we picked Amber Cove itself, the port, as the number three top shore excursion at Amber Cove.

It is a great deal, and we think that if you’re on a budget, this may be one of the ports you just want to hang out at. Okay, now let’s talk about the number two top shore excursion for Amber Cove. That is Ocean World. It was a big surprise.

We went there just for the fun of it to see what it was all about, but we walked away saying, “Wow, what a nice little park,” and some of the displays and aquariums and activities were really fantastic, like the birds. But we’ll show you that now.

Okay, so let’s get started with Ocean World. This is one cool place, and we booked with Carnival Cruise Line basically because of the timing. Yes, you can get a better deal, and we’ll show you that in a minute, but everything is very organized through Carnival, and with the current situation, we just felt safer.

And with the bus and all of the transportation included and everything else, it really worked out well for us. This is a cool little park. Ocean World actually exceeded our expectations. We didn’t know what to expect, and we did do a very detailed video on the park with five tips.

Definitely check that out if you’re deciding to go or show the kids to see if they’re interested. But if you’re into dolphins, sea lions, sharks, you name it, they’ve got it. And quite honestly, it’s a fun little park. It’s not as structured as a big Sea World type park, but they really do a great job of trying to entertain you with all the shows and different activities.

And we actually had a lot of fun there. We enjoyed the shore excursion, that’s why we voted it the top two out of the top three. And the shows were fun also. We really enjoyed it. Here’s what happens if you try to book on the port. All right, here we are at Ocean World. Wow, that looks pretty awesome actually.

Look at all of that. What do you think, Alicia? I think it’s very interesting. All right, yes, but Ocean World has a lot of things to do and to see over there. We’re an aquatic park where you’re gonna have the opportunity to see our dolphin beach lagoon with free chairs and umbrellas. There is a freshwater pool that you can use, the different shows, the lion sharks, dolphin, and bird shows. Also, you can do snorkeling in our tropical aquarium.

We have to provide the mask. There is also a rainforest visit you’ll love, where you still can see macaws over one thousand lovely that you can take some beautiful pictures with them in your hand and over your head. There’s Ocean World. They pass that include also free Wi-Fi and round-trip transportation.

Wow, free Wi-Fi too. 12 minutes away from here. Yes, it’s beautiful. We give you a nice welcome. How much, guys? How much? $49.99, including all what I mentioned before. Very good. That’s a great price. So it pays to come off the ship and sign up right here at Ocean World. Very good. Thanks so much.

So as you can see, you can save quite a bit of money, especially if you have a big group. If you just go over to the excursion area, there are nice gift shops at this particular park.

One of the big tips and takeaways is to make sure when you get there, you schedule out your day with the different show times: the dolphin show, sea lion show, shark show, bird show. And quite honestly, the area with the birds is just phenomenal. We had a ton of fun there.

We’ll show you a little bit of the park now. But again, if you’re interested in seeing more, definitely check out our video on that. And then after this, we’re going to go over to the 27 Falls, and that is a remarkable shore excursion, probably our best or favorite shore excursion in all of the Caribbean.

So you want to stay tuned for that in a minute. But right now, we’re going to show you the sharks, play a little music, and some of the other cool activities at this park.

No question about it, the biggest surprise of the park for us was the tropical bird section. This is phenomenal, and we really enjoyed it. I can’t imagine how much children would enjoy this area. It was a blast to interact with the birds. [Applause] [Music] Hello! [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Hi, we are here at Ocean World, and we are having a perfect day.

It’s actually a really, really great park. Yeah, it’s pretty fun, a nice little park. It’s like a miniature SeaWorld, but it’s actually really nice. They’ve done a really nice job with this. [Music] [Applause] Okay, up next is the dolphins. When you think of Ocean World, this is why most people come here: to check out the dolphins.

That’s what you think about when you think of Ocean World. Well, no question about it, there are dolphins everywhere. You can’t go wrong. They’ve done a great job with this. There’s a ton of pools, a ton of places for the dolphins. You will not leave this park without seeing dolphins. They’re everywhere.

It is super, super cool. We had a great time. They have all kinds of different packages and really, how much time you want to spend with them and how much interactivity, whether you want to swim with them or you just want to have more of a discovery, touch and feel of the dolphins.

For us, we went with the lower-cost package in the full day at Ocean World, and quite honestly, it was great. We got right in the water with them, and it was our first experience with the dolphins this way. We’ve done the swim with the dolphins before, but this was really nice. You got to interact with them quite a bit, right up next to you.

And if you just sit back and take a look at this, you’ll see how much fun we had, and it was pretty cool. I think the highlight of the day for Alicia was getting that hug and kiss from the dolphin, and boy, did she love that. Obviously, they take a ton of photography in this area, so get ready to break out your wallet.

They do not allow filming in this area and photography, so they’ve got you on the hook for that. So if you want the video or if you want all the pictures, you can get that after, and we’ll show you how that works. But overall, really cool, really nice to interact with these dolphins, and quite honestly, they are amazing.

And they truly have a personality to them, and they’re really something to see. If you’ve never done one of these interactive type dolphin adventures, we would highly recommend it. Well, the encounter with the dolphin was really, really amazing. It’s an experience that I suggest to everyone.

Up next is the sea lion show, and if you’ve got kids, this is one show that you do not want to miss. Sea lions, there’s just something about them. They are fantastic, and they do a nice little sea lion show here at Ocean World. Hey, what’d you think of that? That was a fantastic show.

I really enjoyed it. And I have to tell you, I love the sea lions, the dolphins. I mean, this place is pretty awesome. Yeah, we are having a great day. One of the coolest activities is snorkeling the reef at Ocean World. There is a height requirement for this activity, but overall, it was super cool. So if you’re a beginner and haven’t snorkeled, we would highly recommend this. You will have a lot of fun snorkeling with the fish at Ocean World.

If you love snorkeling, you found the right channel. Definitely check out our Salt Springs, Florida, one of the few springs that you can actually snorkel in. And that’s right, we got to see blue crabs, all kinds of funky fish, and Alicia got to snorkel right in the actual springs.

Pretty cool. How about our stingray and snorkel? That’s right, what a great shore excursion that was: Saint Kitts kayak and snorkel. We also got to see some stingrays there, and boy oh boy, did we have a great time. The fish were absolutely amazing. You definitely want to watch that video.

And then, how about down in Aruba? We were on Carnival Freedom, checked out the VIP schooner snorkel cruise. Had a lot of fun. What a cool ship. Kids had a blast, and everybody just enjoyed the day down in Aruba. There’s really nothing like it. Let’s get back to the video.

If you’re hungry, they’ve got Ocean Splash Restaurant. That’s right, they have a big buffet there with a set price. Our next tip for you, quite honestly, is all about go ahead, sit down, and order off the menu. We think we made out way better. That’s right, way better ordering off the menu, and the food was actually excellent. So don’t feel like you’ve got to do the buffet. Order off the menu, and we got some great chow.

Overall, we had a great time. We finished up today at the gift shop, and as you can see here, Alicia didn’t want me buying any more of those souvenirs. But we jumped back on the bus, headed back to Amber Cove, and had a wonderful day.

Okay, are you ready for our number one pick for a shore excursion at Amber Cove? You’re gonna love this video on this wonderful spot like no other in the Caribbean. That’s right, the 27 Falls. And here you go, from Amber Cove, we have also done a full feature video on the 27 waterfalls. You’re definitely going to want to check that out for sure.

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If you’re considering this excursion in the Dominican Republic, we highly recommend it. It is one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to in the DR. And this is a great, fun trip. So overall, you’re gonna need some water shoes.

You can bring your own, or you can rent them there for eight dollars. There are a bunch of rules with this particular park, but overall, the main tip that you should be aware of is the fact that you should be in pretty good shape if you’re going to go on this excursion.

It is about a 30 to 45-minute hike uphill, and you do walk through the woods, and it’s beautiful and gorgeous. But you should be in relatively good shape. If you’re older, pregnant, or have some physical limitations, we would not recommend the shore excursion.

But overall, as you can see here, you take a bridge across the river over into the area where you hike up the mountain to the falls, and it is fabulous. Some quick tips: there are 27 falls. If you take a taxi out there on your own,

you can do that, and you can sign up for a variety of different-length tours, and that works out pretty good. We elected to go with the cruise ship excursion and with a bigger group for this time of the year. But you can see here, we had some major hiking up the hill, and you did get to take some breaks, as you can see, and that was great. And you got to meet some people as you were on this journey, and that was a lot of fun.

Also, we recommend that you definitely bring your swimsuit, towels, dry clothes to change into when you’re done. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen. We didn’t really need any bug spray, but I’m sure there are times of the year where you need it. There are lockers where you can leave your things.

Once you get your helmet and life vest, you’re off to the races. Like we talked about, bring your shoes. You can bring a GoPro, which is great. Otherwise, they are filming it, and they do charge for a video at the end if you want to do that.

We also recommend that the children should be at least 12 years old or older. There were some people that were a little nervous with the heights, but overall, it’s a fun activity. And as you can see here, it was just a great time.

Alright, how’d you do out there? Good. Very good. I just need a shower. Yeah, yes, that was quite the little walk, right? Oh my gosh, about 30 minutes U.S. time, about five minutes Dominican Republic time. Would you say that is correct? That is correct. Alright, and now we made it to the top. So, we’re gonna have some fun.

Oh, this is so much fun over here. Absolutely one of the coolest falls that I’ve ever seen. Alone, it’s so fun. It is beautiful up here. Incredible, my favorite destination in DR. They have done a great job with this, and we still have more to go. Yeah, and the landscape looks amazing.

It is remarkable. In fact, you can actually book this with the waterfall combined with the zip line that they have there, or you can actually just do the zip line, or you can just do the waterfalls. So you have three different options.

We actually just did the waterfalls, and it was a great day. We really enjoyed it, and we’ll show you this last pool where they actually allowed us to slide in and jump in, so you got to do both. It was a lot of fun, and we’ll take you all the way back to the ship. Wow, go, that’s how you have fun outdoors, right there.

We’re talking about how many feet? Sixteen feet here, eighteen, like eighteen feet. Six meters. Eight, six meters. Let’s do it. Alicia, say goodbye, say goodbye.

One, two, three, do it. What an amazing time we had at this waterfall zip line park in Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic. We had a lot of fun. The nature was fantastic. There were all kinds of donkeys and wildlife out there. Also, we really enjoyed it. It was about a 20-minute walk back from the final pool, which was gorgeous, through the woods. As you can see here, you’re doing it, it’s a natural swing. How cool is that? Look at that. That is awesome.

Well, thanks so much for watching how to have fun outdoors. Definitely check out our other great excursions like the Aruba VIP schooner and snorkel. Boy, did we have a great time down in Aruba. Also, check out our side-by-side ATV dune buggy. That’s right, check that out. And take a look at those glasses in the dune buggy and cave adventure in DR.

That was one of the best shore excursions down in the Caribbean. We had so much fun. Alicia even blew out a tire, believe it or not, but overall we loved it. So let’s head back to the Carnival Freedom, and we hope you enjoyed this video. Please, please, please, please hit that subscribe button. We really, really appreciate it. It helps get our videos out and it means a lot to the whole “How to Have Fun Outdoors” crew. So thanks so much for watching “How to Have Fun Outdoors.”. Amber Cove Top 3 Excursions.

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