Amber Cove Shops: A Paradise for Shoppers

Amber Cove shops offer everything a cruise passenger needs in terms of shopping for accents, gifts, clothing, jewelry, beach clothing, personal care items and much more. From world-renowned duty-free stores to unique local boutiques, Amber Cove’s shopping scene is a delightful mix of global brands and local flavors.

Facade of the Dufry store in Amber Cove
Dufry store at Amber Cove

Dufry Duty Free
A globally recognized name, Dufry Amber Cove is the go-to spot for those seeking premium goods without the hefty taxes. Whether it’s luxury fragrances, top-shelf liquors, designer sunglasses, or gourmet chocolates, Dufry ensures a wide selection at duty-free prices. It’s the perfect place to grab a last-minute gift or treat yourself to something special.


Sea Salt Accents and Gifts
This gem of a store offers a taste of the Caribbean with a collection of handcrafted gifts and home accents. With products ranging from beautifully designed textiles to artisanal soaps, Sea Salt Accents and Gifts gives visitors a chance to take home a tangible memory of their Caribbean journey.

The Sea Salt gift store at Amber Cove
The Sea Salt gift store at Amber Cove

Caribbean Bliss
True to its name, Caribbean Bliss is where shoppers can find apparel and accessories that epitomize the laid-back, tropical vibe of the region. Think breezy dresses, straw hats, and colorful sarongs – each reflecting the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean.

Effy Jewelers & Diamonds International
Both Effy Jewelers and Diamonds International are famed for their exquisite collections of gemstones and jewelry. While Effy is particularly known for its signature panther designs and dazzling gemstones, Diamonds International boasts a vast selection of diamonds and luxury timepieces. These stores provide a unique opportunity for visitors to invest in timeless pieces or find that perfect gift for a loved one.

Turquesa Gift Shop
Amber Cove Turquesa shop has a wide selection of tropical-inspired clothing, bags, gifts, accents and other interesting items and local art from the Dominican Republic. It is located in the shopping center West side, next to the Coco Cana restaurant.

Customers in a busy day at Turquesa shop
Customers at Turquesa Gift Shop

Shark Attack
For the adventurous and young-at-heart, Shark Attack offers a variety of beach and water-sport gear. Beyond the essentials, you’ll also find a fun array of shark-themed souvenirs, making it an entertaining stop for families or those looking to add some playful items to their holiday shopping list.


Blu Mine
Blu Mine is a haven for those in search of distinctive Caribbean-inspired jewelry. Featuring turquoise waters and sandy beaches as its muse, the store offers pieces that capture the essence of the sea. Each piece, from necklaces to earrings, is beautifully crafted, making Blu Mine an ideal stop for those seeking a memorable keepsake.

Island Treasures

And More…
The beauty of Amber Cove shops is the diversity. Alongside the aforementioned shops, numerous other boutiques and kiosks offer everything from handcrafted wooden artifacts to local rum, ensuring that every shopper, regardless of taste or budget, will find something to cherish.

In Conclusion
Amber Cove in Puerto Plata is not just a port of call but a destination in itself for those who love shopping. With a harmonious blend of international luxury and local charm, its shops provide an immersive experience that reflects the spirit of the Caribbean. So, the next time you dock at Amber Cove, be sure to allocate some time to explore its vibrant shopping scene – it’s an adventure you won’t want to miss!

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