Amber Cove Dufry

In the world of travel, there’s a particular thrill that comes with perusing the aisles of a duty-free shop. And if you happen to find yourself at Amber Cove Port, the gateway to the stunning Dominican Republic, your retail desires will be beautifully catered to by none other than Dufry, a leading global travel retailer.

Nestled within this vibrant port, Dufry Duty-Free Shop offers an unrivaled shopping experience, combining a vast array of products with exceptional service and unbeatable prices. 

Interior areas of Dufry duty free
Dufry is the first store on the right side when you enter the port.

A Shopper’s Paradise:
This Shop at Amber Cove Port is a haven for travelers seeking an extensive range of products to enhance their journey. The shop boasts an impressive selection of renowned international brands across various categories, including fragrances, cosmetics, spirits, wines, tobacco, chocolates, electronics, fashion accessories, and more. For a reason, it tops in the list of Amber Cove port Amenities list.

Unbeatable Prices:
One of the most enticing aspects of duty-free shopping is the opportunity to acquire high-quality products at prices that often surpass those found in traditional retail outlets. Dufry at Amber Cove Port lives up to this expectation, ensuring travelers receive exceptional value for their purchases. 

Convenience and Accessibility:
Located within Amber Cove Port, it is conveniently situated for cruise ship passengers and visitors exploring the Dominican Republic. Whether you’re embarking on a thrilling shore excursion, enjoying a leisurely day at the port, or bidding farewell to this tropical paradise, Dufry is easily accessible and offers a delightful respite from your adventures.

The store offers an exciting assortment across all duty-free core categories; liquor, perfume and cosmetics, confectionery and tobacco. This selection has been further tailored to offer a refined selection of local food, rums and souvenirs to give tourists a lasting sense of place, as they head back home from this delightful part of the world.

In Dufry’s CEO words: “our aim is for it to become the reference for the future development in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, offering passengers a WorldClass experience throughout the 1,780 m² extension of retail space that this walk-through shop offers”.

Dufry Duty Free

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