Taino Bay Keloke Bar is the spacious lounge bar in the welcome area, when visitors enter the port from the Berth right into the main circular building that welcomes visitors before they start to explore the port amenities. It has a spacious lounge and a terrace next to the round courtyard in the center of the main building.

This lively establishment has become the favorite among port visitors, offering an unforgettable experience filled with tantalizing cocktails, occasional live performances, and a vibrant atmosphere that captures the essence of the local culture with its Taino decor motifs. 

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Keloke Bar Photo Gallery

The Hub at Taino Bay

The bar’s strategic location within Taino Bay Port provides easy access for visitors arriving or about to depart, as it feels like a “hub” area that connects everything in the port, a main gateway to and from it. Cruise passengers rush in as the ships come arrive in the morning, and out when it is time to depart in the afternoon.

The Main Bar:

Keloke Bar has a bar area paneled with white marble, customized swivel bar stools, and 4 wood-framed LCD screens as the backdrop to watch the game of the moment of play music videos. The venue’s open-air design creates a relaxed and inviting ambiance, allowing guests to enjoy the balmy tropical breeze as they unwind with friends or like minded passengers.

Carnival dressed animators at the bar
Taino inspired costumes welcome visitors at the port.

The Terrace

The open terrace at Keloke has tables with offset umbrellas, surrounded by royal palms and the Earth tones that make Taino Bay so visually appealing. The terrace faces the large circular fountain in the center of the main building, a pleasant sight to relax with when sipping your favorite drink.

Mixology Delights

One of the highlights of Keloke Bar is its exceptional bartender. Expert bartenders skillfully craft an extensive array of cocktails using the finest local and international spirits, resulting in a drink menu that caters to all tastes. Enjoy the best of the Dominican Republic when you sip on your favorite drink at Keloke Bar at Taino Bay.

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