Amber Cove Port Pier

The Amber Cove Pier is not just a place where the sea meets the shore; it is where adventure meets luxury and history meets the present. Located on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, this port pier has in recent years emerged as a go-to destination for cruise ships and their passengers. 

Pier view from a drone
View of the Pier and the port facilities.

Berthing Large Cruise Ships

Amber Cove’s port pier in Puerto Plata boasts of having the capacity to berth 2 of the largest cruise ships in the world, estimated at 8,000 passengers and 1,000 crew. This is a testament not only to the infrastructure and planning behind the port but also to the vision of creating a hub in the Caribbean for travelers. The pier length is 6,458 ft (606 meter), extending from West to East. The barrier it creates makes for a more pleasant experience at La Playita de Maimon, which sits right next.

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The capacity to host large cruise ships isn’t just beneficial to the cruisers, but also to the local economy. Each time a ship docks, a new set of tourists arrives, keen on exploring the Dominican delights, thereby fueling local businesses and fostering economic growth.

Free Rides with Rickshaws

One of the unique offerings of Amber Cove is the free rickshaw rides. As soon as visitors disembark from their ships, they are greeted with these traditional man-pulled carts ready to whisk them away to their desired destinations within the port.

Not only do these rickshaws offer a fun and eco-friendly way to get around, but they also allow passengers to engage in an authentic and traditional mode of transport, giving a unique blend of the old-world charm in a modern setting.

Panoramic Vistas

Yet, the true allure of Amber Cove isn’t limited to the port itself. Beyond its gates lies a world that promises panoramic vistas of unparalleled beauty. The landscapes surrounding Amber Cove are a tapestry of nature’s finest work. The Sky Bar offers 360-degree vistas of the Maimon scenery, quite a visual candy.

From Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation on the opening of the port back in 2015: “We know our guests love the Caribbean, and today’s visit by the Carnival Victory marks the beginning of us bringing our guests to one of the most unique, beautiful and historic regions in the Caribbean“.

Amber Cove is destined to become a cornerstone in creating new itineraries from several U.S. home ports,” said Terry Thornton, Carnival’s senior vice president of itinerary planning. The design of the Amber Cove port is credited to Schneider Engineering and Consulting, while construction work was done by Orion Marine Group.

Aerial view of the Amber Cove Pier
View of the Amber Cove Pier

From the verdant rolling hills to the azure waters of the Caribbean, every viewpoint is a postcard in itself. The backdrop of the majestic mountains meeting the sea creates a dramatic and mesmerizing setting for travelers. See the pier in the interactive Google Map below:

Whether you’re an avid photographer or just someone who appreciates natural beauty, the views around the Amber Cove pier promise to leave an indelible mark on your memory. Find the Amber Cove pier and the full port amenities list in the Interactive map of this guide with colorful photos and details.

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