Amber Cove Port Highlights Tour

Welcome to our highlights tour at Amber Cove Dominican Republic. Amber Cove Dominican Republic is a 30-acre waterfront resort located in the North coast region near Puerto Plata, developed by Carnival Corporation.

The property is surrounded by lush mountains and hosts guests with friendly smiles from locals and great amenities to enjoy and we are getting off the ship this morning in Amber Cove Dominican republic we’ve got the photographers here ready to snap your souvenir photo.

If you don’t want to walk all the way down the pier to get to the town area you can take one of these great rickshaws when you’re out in the hot sun here in Amber Cove; Carnival sets up these really great shade tents and seating so they got you covered, literally.

If you’re looking for some relaxation fun and sun check out these over the water cabanas here in amber cove and the great thing is you can get into the water right off your back deck.

We’re about to enter the cruise terminal here at Amber Cove here’s the main duty-free shop in the terminal building you see they have everything from colognes, cigars alcohol, chocolates, and lots of localized items as well.

As soon as you get out of the terminal building you’ll find all the shore excursions so if you haven’t booked one with Carnival you can actually do it right here locally as well there’s a wide array of excursions in and around Amber Cove.

Get out on the water on board a catamaran and experience snorkeling in the crystal blue waters kayak around the coast take a thrilling zip line or just chill in your own ocean cabana there’s quite a few vendors to eat and drink at when you’re here on amber cove but this particular spot does have indoor seating and it’s kind of table service so if you have a little more time to spend this is a great option

They have some great drinks and some great food options as well open to all guests here at Amber Cove is this amazing resort pool if you rather stay in the water when you enjoy your beverages check out the swim up bar grab a mat and enjoy a lazy afternoon here at the beach entry resort pool at an extra cost and really close to the water and bar.

Check out these private cabanas what kid wouldn’t want to cool off in the Caribbean sun with this nice little splash pad another fun and free activity here at Amber Cove are the two water slides available as an opportunity excursion.

If you’re looking for some thrills head up to the zip line if part of your day here at Amber Cove is getting out on the water they’ve got some water equipment rentals including a two-person pedal boat a hobbie cycle and a long board for you to try.

When you’re here if you’re looking for some casual eats here poolside you got a Nathan’s famous hot dog truck and prices are pretty reasonable you got ten dollars for a cheeseburger three dollars for fries and drinks around four dollars.

Take your best shot with free play basketball here at amber cove; if you’re looking for something a little different while you’re here in amber cove check out the Caribbean Fish Spa; if you’re looking to take a piece of the Dominican Republic home check out the shops here where all the items are 25 or less.

Come on if you’re looking to find that great money shot of your ship check out this area just outside the local market it wouldn’t be a stop in the Caribbean without a place to shop like diamonds international what a wonderful way to spend a day here in Amber Cove don’t forget to like this video post your comments and questions and subscribe for more Talking Crews.

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