Taino Bay Rum Bar is an escape to the exotic world of Caribbean rum, specially the best one made in the Dominican Republic. Puerto Plata happens to be the birthplace of the Brugal distillery ( founded in 1888) considered today as the island’s top brand. This bar is located at the Northwest corner of the Taino Bay Port, next to the first line of commercial stores.

The Main Bar

The main bar has a beautiful wooden design backdrop reminiscent of the local countryside casitas, painted in Caribbean green. The simple decor with oars, rope and hanging bulbs is set against the gorgeous palapa style structure that is found throughout the Taino Bay port

The Terrace

Rum Bar has a terrace with tables and chairs, offering beautiful views of the shopping center area island and the aviary with exotic birds. This bar has wifi, also easy access to the parking area North of the port. The main swimming pool of Taino Bay is just a short walk from this bar.

Rum bar main facade
Any day at the Rum Bar is a great experience.

Rum Bar Unique Cocktails:

Beyond the impressive rum collection, the Rum Bar boasts an extensive menu of handcrafted cocktails that are as creative as they are delicious. Each drink is carefully crafted using locally sourced fruits, herbs, and spices, resulting in concoctions that capture the essence of the Caribbean.

Sip on a classic mojito infused with fresh mint leaves or sample a signature cocktail inspired by the vibrant colors and tropical flavors of the islands.

Brugal rum at the Rum Bar.
1888 by Brugal is one of the top DR rum choices.

Ambiance and Atmosphere:

The Rum Bar at Taino Bay Port offers more than just excellent libations. The ambiance and atmosphere transport visitors to an idyllic Caribbean setting.

Picture yourself lounging in a comfortable chair on a spacious outdoor terrace, with panoramic views of the sparkling azure waters and swaying palm trees. Visit the Dominican Rum article if you’d like to learn about its history and top brands.puerto plata catamaran