Amber Cove Prices

The prices at Amber Cove are an important topic for budget conscious travelers before they venture into their next trip to the West Caribbean via Carnival Cruises. Here we find the published prices in the port restaurants, bars, amenities and rentals. This list will let you make a quick assessment of prices without having to navigate the entire list of amenities one by one, that you can do later while you’re relaxing in the ship on the way to Amber Cove Port.

Coco Cana Prices

An Amber Cove prices list should begin with the drinks and food menu from Coco Caña, which is the brand behind the great customer service at the Pool lounge, the restaurant by the ocean, the Sky Bar and the Cabana Bar.

The drinks menu features a selection of frozen cocktails for US$8.00, with the high point being the Chupacabra at $26.00; this one consists of a frozen strawberry Margarita with 2 Presidente beer upside down in a jumbo cup, quite the visual treat.

The Chupacabra
The Chupacabra, a must try at Amber Cove.

Classic Cocktails Prices at Amber Cove

The classic cocktails list also cost $8.00, such as Mango Mai Tai, Mojito in its varieties: Classic, Coconut, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, or Mango. The list also offers Margarita in the classic version and the Strawberry version.

Spirits and Liquor List

This list includes Rum: Spice rum $8.00, Coconut rum $8.00, Añejo $5.00, Extra Viejo $7.00, Premium rum $10.00; Vodka gin costs $8.00, and the premium version costs $12.00. Tequila costs the same, $8.00 and $12.00; Bourbon also is priced at $8.00 and $12.00, respectively.

Coco Loco at Amber Cove bar
The highly skilled bartender at the Coco Cana lounge.

The rest of this list includes Kahlua at $8.00, Baileys also $8.00, Jagermeister $8.00, Brandy $12.00 and Cognac $12.00; A Mamajuana shot costs $5.00, this is a local aphrodisiac made of a combination of herbs, tree barks, roots, and other natural ingredients in rum, red wine, and honey. The rest of the menu included in the photo gallery above shows other drinks such as coffee, tea and more.

Shots List

The list of shots have a $8.00 price tag, and refill $5.00, includes the B52, Jäger Bomb, Sweet Amber, Blue Kamikaze, Lemon Drop, and Surfer on Acid Jägermeister. Judging from prices we find in beach bars, we find these quite fair given the location.

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Coco Caña Food Prices

The food menu at Coco Caña includes appetizers such as the Chicken Quesadilla at $10.00; Chicharron sampler $11.00; Ajillo Shrimp (garlic based) with Spicy Aioli $10.00, Churrasco Steak Satai $11.00, Coco Caña Shrimps $15.00; Crispy Calamari $12.00; Boneless Spicy Chicken $13.00; or Dominican Crab $9.00 these are very recommended, oh yes.

The sandwiches list starts at $8.00 for a Chicken Salad Wrap (with avocado), $12.00 for the shrimp salad on a butter roll, and $12.00 for a Coco Caña Hamburger, among other upgrades shown in the gallery. The Seafood list has Fried Mahi Mahi at $14.00 and the Coco Caña Shrimp at $21.00

seafood casserole and shrimp dish
seafood casserole and shrimp tempura in pineapple sauce

Amber Cove Port Amenities Cost

1. Pier Transportation: The rickshaw rides are free, so walking the pier is optional and you only need to tip the driver for his effort; this shuttle is human-powered.

2. Duty Free & Shopping Center: Prices here will vary based on the products, it is not too different from other ports. It’s “duty-free,” which means there are no taxes. We noticed some shops do not include the prices in the tags, so you might have to ask before buying. The Amber Cove Mercado (market) has lots of items for under $30, including local crafts, keychains, hats, beach clothing, etc.

3. Nathan’s Hot Dogs: this hot dog stand is a good alternative to grab a quick bite, the combo of two hot dogs cost $17.00, and one $13.00; There’s also hamburgers at $11, $12, $15, and $19 depending on what you choose among cheese burger, super cheese burger, super bacon cheese burger or double cheese burger, respectively. See the chart below for the full menu with prices.

Nathan's Hot Dogs at Amber Cove is a cheaper alternative.
Nathan’s Hot Dogs at Amber Cove
Nathan's hot dogs price chart
Nathan’s hot dogs price chart

4. VIP Loungers: the VIP loungers area cost $125.00, as they are typically more luxurious and offer a better view or experience.

5. Recreation Rentals: Prices vary with the type of equipment and time, e.g. Aquaboat Cycle 2×4 30 mins. $26.00; Aquaboat Cycle 2×4 60 mins. $46.00; Stand Up paddle board 30 mins $20.00; Stand Up paddle board 60 mins $32.00; Kayak 1 person, 30 mins $19.00 / 1hr $34.00; Kayak 2 person, 30 mins $26.00 / 1hr $46.00. See the gallery below for all the rental prices.

Recreation Rentals Prices Gallery

6. WiFi Service: you can get free WiFi in the restaurants, though there is dedicated wifi available at the port for $8.00, all day long.

7. The Zip Line: This is likely to have a charge, and prices might vary based on the length and height of the zip line. The zip line cost is $20.00

8. Amber Cove Cabanas: (Hillside, Poolside, and Ocean): The rental rate for the Cabanas as of this writing starts at US$1,999.99 for the Grand Cabana for 6 hours, minimum age 1 year; Snack and soda included. The pool side cabanas cost $500.00; Ocean and Hillside Cabanas also cost $500.00

The water cabanas
The Cabanas over the water

9. Lockers: locker service is available at $6.00, add another $6.00 as a deposit.

10. Umbrellas: the pool area has umbrellas for rent, at $20.00

Rentals & Features Full Price List:

rentals rates board
Rentals & Features rates board

9. Taxis & Transfers: Since Amber Cove port is located about 15 minutes away from the heart of Puerto Plata, expect the taxi service to reflect that fact. A transfer to the Playa Dorada beach costs $40.00 one way for 5 people, plus $6.00 one way for extra passengers. These are the rates published by the taxis at the port, perhaps you will find a bit higher rates from other vendors that might offer higher end rides.

The trip to Sosua Beach (about 35 mins) costs $60.00 for 5 people, and $9.00 for extra passenger, one way. The chart below shows the relationship of distance vs cost, so you can see that a trip to Punta Rucia (about 1.3 hrs) costs $90.00 and $13.00 per extra passenger above 5 people, one way. The chart opens when clicked on, so you can see the rates in expanded view.

Taxi prices
Taxi and transfers rates

For the most current pricing on any of these activities, it would be best to directly contact the Amber Cove Port or check recent reviews from travelers who’ve visited. The prices listed here are subject to change without notice, we will update this page when new information comes out. If you want information on the complimentary amenities at the port, visit the Amber Cove free Activities page.

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