The Taino Bay Welcome Center is the hub area where visitors experience the first contact with live entertainment, the Keloke Bar lounge, a reception area, pre-booked tours, the Diamonds International store and the Dufry Duty free store.

Strategically situated to offer a panoramic view of the surrounding bay, the center is more than just a checkpoint; it’s an introduction to the rich tapestry of experiences awaiting visitors to Puerto Plata.

If you are taking a shore excursion and you will take a cab or bus right away, you can walk right past the center of the welcome center and find the parking area and entrance connection to the main street from here.

Taino Bay Welcome Center Gallery

The Center Courtyard Fountain

At the heart of the welcome center lies the center courtyard fountain—a serene oasis that mirrors the Caribbean’s tranquil beauty. This fountain is not only a soothing sight for the eyes but also an emblem of the island’s rich history and natural abundance.

Dufry Duty-Free Shop

Luxury and shopping go hand in hand, and at Taino Bay Port, the Taino Bay duty-free shop ensures you don’t leave without a piece of its opulence. From high-end fragrances and cosmetics to exclusive liquors and confectionery, Dufry ensures travelers receive world-class products at duty-free prices.

Rest Rooms Area

The port goes the extra mile to ensure every aspect of a visitor’s experience is elevated. The restrooms are not only impeccably maintained but also feature state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Keloke Bar Lounge

A visit to the Caribbean is incomplete without sipping on its signature cocktails. Keloke Bar Lounge offers visitors a chance to immerse in the island’s vibe with an extensive menu of tropical drinks, sumptuous bites, and an ambiance that’s perfect to unwind and soak in the view.

Keloke bar
Keloke Bar at Taino Bay

Diamonds International Store

A glittering reminder of the island’s penchant for luxury, the Diamonds International Store beckons with its sparkling offerings. From exquisite diamond jewelry to rare gemstones, this store is a treasure trove for those looking to carry a piece of the Caribbean’s opulence with them.

Welcome Merengue Performers and Taino Dancers

But Taino Bay isn’t just about luxury; it’s a celebration of its rich heritage. The Merengue performers and Taino dancers welcome visitors with vivacious dances that are steeped in tradition. Their vibrant performances give life to the island’s history, offering a glimpse into its indigenous culture and festive spirit.

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