The Boat Bar at Taino Bay port is a popular spot for drinks and conversation located by the Lazy River pool and beach lounge, offering an unforgettable experience combining stunning views, delightful refreshments, and a vibrant atmosphere. 

The Nautical Lifestyle

Decorated with a nautical concept that combines Taino Bay’s tropical style with boating concepts, the bar design incorporates ship masts, sails, buoys, lifesavers and other boating motifs. The bar also includes a terrace with tables and umbrellas for those who prefer to be in a more open setting.

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Homage to an Explorer

Boat Bar has a board displaying the story of Sir Robert Hermann Schomburgk (5 June 1804 – 11 March 1865) who was a German-born explorer for Great Britain who carried out geographical, ethnological and botanical studies in South America and the West Indies, and also fulfilled diplomatic missions for the United Kingdom in the Dominican Republic.

Very Relaxing Vistas:

The Boat Bar takes pride in its extensive selection of libations, ranging from classic cocktails to beers and premium spirits. As the day unfolds at the port, patrons can unwind with a refreshing mojito or savor the flavors of an expertly crafted martini while gazing at the relaxing hammock and lazy river areas while listening to great Dominican Merengue or Salsa music.

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