Surrounded by the oasis-like beach lounge inside Taino Bay Port, the Taino Bay Tiki Tiki Bar instantly transports visitors to a tropical paradise. Surrounded by lush palm trees, exquisitely crafted bamboo structures, and vibrant floral decorations, the bar oozes a laid-back island vibe that puts guests at ease.

The Top Lazy River Bar

Cruise travelers walking by the beach lounge and those floating along the lazy river can have access to this small and cozy bar for a refreshing Mojito, Dominican Rum drinks or just any of the tropical cocktails available at Tiki Tiki Bar.


Taino Bay Tiki Tiki Bar Experience

With its prime location overlooking the Lazy River pool waters and lush tropical plants of Taino Bay, guests can also enjoy the beautiful views and the gentle sound of the ocean. The bar’s friendly staff members are attentive, ensuring that every visitor feels welcomed and relaxed, making it the perfect spot for a family day at the port with loved ones or a lively gathering with friends.

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