Live Entertainment at Taino Bay Port is one of the top reasons this port is on top of the lists, and is considered a gateway to the best of Dominican culture.

From the infectious beats of Merengue to the tantalizing pool dance show, from the rhythmic steps of the Dominican Taino dancers to the soulful melodies of the Saxo jazz performers, Taino Bay Port promises an unforgettable experience.

live entertainment
Welcome show

Welcome Merengue Performers

The moment you step off your ship, you’re greeted by the lively tunes of the Merengue tipico. This traditional Dominican musical style instantly pulls you into the vibrant and colorful world of Taino Bay.

As the drumbeats rise and fall, the skilled Merengue performers, dressed in their colorful costumes, showcase intricate footwork, rapid turns, and close embraces. It’s not just a performance; it’s a warm Dominican embrace welcoming you to the island.

Merengue performers at Taino Bay
Merengue performers at Taino Bay

Pool Dance Show

In the heart of Taino Bay Port lies a spectacle of water and movement. The pool dance show is a fusion of modern dance, synchronized swimming, and aquatic acrobatics. Performers glide, spin, and dive, painting a narrative with each movement, while the shimmering water adds an element of magic. Coupled with state-of-the-art lighting and music, the pool dance show is a captivating experience, blurring the lines between dance, theatre, and sport.

Live shows
Live shows by the Dahao pool

Dominican Taino Dancers

Paying homage to the indigenous Taino people, the Dominican Taino dance performance is a beautiful blend of history and artistry. Dressed in traditional Taino attire, the dancers recount tales of their ancestors, their relationship with nature, and their spirituality. This is one of the most iconic Taino Bay Entertainment. Every movement, from the gentle sway of the hips to the rhythmic beating of the feet, tells a story. 

Taino Dancers at Taino Bay port, Puerto Plata.
Taino dancers pose with cruise passengers at Taino Bay.

Saxo Jazz Performers at Juracan Lounge

After the high energy of the dances and the buzz of the port, the Juracan Lounge offers a serene escape. Here, the Saxo jazz performers take center stage. The sultry notes of the saxophone, paired with the classic tunes of jazz, create an ambiance of sophistication and relaxation. Whether you’re a jazz enthusiast or a newcomer, the Saxo performers will transport you to a world of melodies, moods, and memories.

Taino Bay Port is not just a destination; it’s an experience. The live entertainment options it offers are a testament to the Dominican Republic’s rich cultural tapestry.

Each performance, be it the Merengue, the pool dance show, the Taino dancers, or the Saxo jazz, tells a unique story. So, the next time you find yourself at Taino Bay Port in Puerto Plata, immerse yourself in these performances and let the island’s rhythms guide your journey.

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