Amber Cove Port Update: November & December 2024

Since its opening in the North Dominican Republic, Amber Cove has become a flagship port for Carnival cruises enthusiasts seeking adventure, culture, and relaxation. The many port amenities, excursions and shows provide a world class experience we’d like to bring you here in these updates for the November and December months of 2024.

Updated Photo Gallery

Port Activities and Atmosphere:
Recent photos capture the lively atmosphere at Amber Cove, where the vibrant colors of the buildings complement the azure sky and crystal-clear waters. The port is a hub of activity, with passengers disembarking and exploring the diverse offerings available.

Happy Bartender at Coco Cana Bar
Happy Bartender at Coco Cana Bar
relaxing at the Relaxing at the Aqua Zone pool
Relaxing at the Aqua Zone

November 2024 has been very active, starting the first week with the Carnival Mardi Gras; then the Carnival Magic, the Horizon and Celebration. The second week the port welcomed the Mardi Gras again, the Nieuw Amsterdam, the Venezia, the Celebration, and the Marella Discovery.

Aerial view of Mardi Gras
Carnival Mardi Gras

The Carnival Freedom, Sky Princess and the NCL Joy join all the previous ones all the way to the end of November; see the November and December schedule below for a quick reference of what remains of 2024. 

Carnival Freedom Cruise Ship
Carnival Freedom

Arrival Schedule and Planning:
For those planning their Carnival Cruise to Puerto Plata, staying informed about the arrival schedule is crucial. Recent updates provide a comprehensive overview of the cruise itineraries, helping travelers plan their time at Amber Cove efficiently. The full Puerto Plata Port Schedule is online in this guide.

Amber Cove Updated Schedule

Amber Cove port November Schedule
Amber Cove port November Schedule. Source: Amber Cove.
Amber Cove port December Schedule
Amber Cove port December Schedule

Excursions for Every Adventurer:
Amber Cove is surrounded by a wealth of experiences, and recent videos showcase the variety of excursions available. From exploring the historic Fort San Felipe to zip-lining through lush tropical landscapes, there’s an adventure for every type of traveler. The footage captures the thrill of these excursions, providing a taste of the excitement awaiting cruise passengers.

ON VIDEO: The Sanbrooke Adventures at Amber Cove


Captivating Shows and Entertainment:
Live performances and shows at Amber Cove add an extra layer of entertainment to the cruise experience. These recent videos highlight the dynamic energy of the performances, ranging from traditional Dominican dances to contemporary acts that leave audiences mesmerized.

Amber Cove pool party
Amber Cove pool party, November 2024.

Relaxation by the Pool:
For those seeking a more laid-back experience, the pool area at Amber Cove Aqua Zone offers a tranquil retreat. These recent photos showcase passengers basking in the Caribbean sun, enjoying refreshing drinks, and taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

ON VIDEO: by Mario’s Travel Adventures


Amber Cove Shopping:
The shopping experience at Amber Cove is a delight for those looking to indulge in some retail therapy. Recent images feature the vibrant shops lining the port, offering everything from local crafts to international brands. Cruise passengers can find the perfect souvenir to commemorate their visit to this tropical paradise.

Panoramic view of Amber Cove
Panoramic view of Amber Cove

If you booked a shore excursion that requires ocean activity (catamaran, snorkeling, beach day, etc.) you can check the weather conditions below).

Other Interesting Information:
Amber Cove is not just a port; it’s a destination in itself. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich local culture, savor delicious Dominican cuisine, and explore the surrounding natural beauty. The recent content captures these aspects, painting a vivid picture of the multifaceted experiences awaiting cruisers.

ON VIDEO: by MediaBoxEnt Travel


As Amber Cove continues to evolve and enchant, the recent photos and videos offer a glimpse into the dynamic and captivating world awaiting Carnival Cruise Line passengers. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a culture enthusiast, or someone seeking relaxation by the pool, Amber Cove in Puerto Plata promises an unforgettable experience for all. 

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