Amber Cove Beach

Amber Cove Beach is what most cruise passengers call the stretch next to the Carnival Cruises port in Puerto Plata, which in essence locals call Maimon Beach, or Bachata. Maimon is the actual name of the area, including the bay.

Between The Port and the Senator Resort there is a small beach called La Playita de Maimon (Maimon’s little beach), and the next two larger ones are the Playa de Maimon and Playa Bachata; the resort with the same name is right on it.

La Playita de Maimon and Amber Cove port
La Playita de Maimon and Amber Cove port

The actual beach used by the port is the larger one, because it has loungers and a nicer and larger layout. The Playita is more open to the general public and can be walked to from the port in about 20 minutes, exiting to the highway and then back into a small side street. Judging by its closeness to the port, this could be called the true Amber Cove Beach.

aerial view of the Playita beach
La Playita sits between the Amber Cove port and the Senator resort.

If you want breathtaking beaches you need to explore beyond Amber Cove beach, and look into the list below for Sosua Beach, Playa Dorada, Cosita Rica, Cofresi Beach, Costambar Beach or Cabarete Beach.

1. Amber Cove Beach in Maimón:
Positioned near the port, Amber Cove Beach in Maimón is a prime spot for those disembarking for a day trip. Though the area is known more for its cruise port and adventure amenities (like zip lines and pools), the nearby beaches provide a tranquil space to soak up the sun. The beach has two resorts and is located right after the Playita. Locals know it as La Playa De Maimon, facing the Senator Resort.

Due to its location, the beach sees a flux of tourists when ships dock, making it lively and bustling. Reviews are mixed, we believe this is one of the Amber Cove amenities to consider if you are not taking a tour outside of the port, specially if you visit this beach earlier before noon to enjoy the sun at its best for your skin.

Maimon beach aerial view
Maimon Beach sits right next to the Amber Cove port.

2. Playa Dorada:
Often termed as the ‘Golden Beach,’ Playa Dorada is one of the most famous beaches in Puerto Plata. Enclosed within a resort complex, the beach boasts fine golden sands and calm, clear waters. It’s also a hub for water sports, with opportunities for windsurfing, kayaking, and more.

The beach houses a large complex of several resorts, villas, restaurants, and the best golf course of the North Coast. Amber Cove offers a day pass to this beach, with access to a swimming pool of the resort called Emotions. Playa Dorada is about 25 minutes away from Amber Cove port (13 km away) and the trip can cost around $80.00 (two way) for a group of 5 in a van.

Playa Dorada beach
The beautiful Playa Dorada Beach, in Puerto Plata.

3. Cofresi Beach:
Located to the west of Puerto Plata, Cofresi Beach is a mix of upscale resorts and local charm. Named after the infamous pirate Roberto Cofresi, this beach promises a delightful day with its swaying palm trees and serene environment.

It’s an ideal spot for those looking to experience luxury while still connecting with local culture. Right next to this beach we find the Ocean World Marine Park, famous among cruise passengers for its dolphin, seal and sharks experience. The distance to reach this beach from Amber Cove is 2km, takes 10 minutes by car and costs $40.00 for a two way trip.

Cofresi Beach, Puerto Plata
Aerial view of Cofresi Beach

4. Costambar Beach:
A lesser-known jewel, Costambar Beach is a short drive from the city center of Puerto Plata. This crescent-shaped beach is frequented by both locals and expats, and offers a relaxed atmosphere. Here, you can indulge in delectable seafood from beach shacks and enjoy the captivating ocean view.

There are many bars and restaurants in this beach, also a golf course and resorts. This beach is 4km away from the port, can be reached by taxi in less than 15 minutes with a cost of $50.00 for a group of 5 people in a van. Expect to pay $8.00 per extra person in the van, half of the rates if only one way.

Costambar Beach
Aerial view of Costambar Beach

5. Cosita Rica:
Cosita Rica Beach, with its pristine ambiance, is a slice of untouched beauty. Its relative seclusion means fewer tourists, making it a quiet and peaceful escape. The waters are calm, making it perfect for a leisurely swim.

This is one of the busiest beaches among cruise passengers coming from the ports, and some might even call it Amber Cove beach thinking it is the official for Carnival Cruises. The bars here are nice, specially the Carihuela. This beach is only a 11 km away drive, can be reached within 20 minutes and the taxi fare costs $70.00 two way for 5 passengers. Extra passengers cost $10.00 two way, half for one way.

Cosita Rica Beach

Cosita Rica Beach, Puerto Plata

6. Sosua Beach:
Sheltered by towering cliffs, Sosua Beach is a beautiful bay with crystal-clear waters and golden sands. It’s also one of the best places for snorkeling in the region, with an abundance of marine life just a short swim from the shore. It is a favorite beach of the Puerto Plata region because of its calm waters and natural beauty.

The beach is lined with bars, restaurants and local vendors selling everything from handcrafted jewelry to delicious Dominican food. This beach is the preferred one for private catamaran charters because of its clear waters and scenery, see the Sosua Catamaran experience if you like engaging with marine life and the nautical lifestyle. 

The Trip to Sosua Beach costs $120.00 two way for 5 people in a van, a 25 km drive that takes about 30 minutes. Extra passengers add $9.00 two way.

7. Cabarete Beach:
World-renowned for its kiteboarding and windsurfing opportunities, Cabarete Beach pulses with energy. By day, water sport enthusiasts fill the sea, and by night, the beachside transforms into a lively spot with bars and restaurants hosting parties and events. It’s not just a beach; it’s a lifestyle.

This beach is favored by cruise passengers who purchase day passes from Carnival, that include food. The trip to Cabarete is a 35 km drive, about 40 mins away and costs $150.00 two way for 5 passengers. Extra persons add $10.00 two way.

Cabarete Beach
Cabarete Beach

Puerto Plata’s beaches are more than just stretches of sand; they represent the heart and soul of the Dominican Republic’s coastal culture. From the bustling atmosphere at Amber Cove and Playa Dorada to the laid-back vibes of Cosita Rica and Costambar, there’s a beach in Puerto Plata for every type of traveler. Whether you’re a sun-seeker, an adventurer, or someone just looking to relax and take in the Caribbean beauty, Puerto Plata awaits.

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