Dominican Republic Tourist Police

Politur Dominican Republic Tourist Police is a special police to protect tourists, also referred to as the Tourist Police. They are everywhere in the tourist areas, on foot, by car, in 4wheelers , horses and can also be seen with jet skis in the water depending on the areas.

You can easily identify them by the uniforms which is white shirt or polo shirt, navy blue pants and blue hat or cap with the distinctive logo as seen below.

Politur LogoPolitur was formed in 1975 to cope with the demand of a rising tourism market in the Dominican Republic. It was a dependence of the National Police and worked mainly in the airports until it became an independent body years later, with more personnel and specialized departments.

Tourists who visit the Dominican Republic value and recognize the work of the hardworking officers at this institution, who make your security their priority and always are alert and willing to help in the event of an emergency.

If you ever need help just talk to an agent and they will assist you, not just in emergencies but in everyday life issues such as directions and guidance while you enjoy your vacations in the North, South or Eastern areas of the Dominican Republic.

This North Coast Guide offers you the assistance numbers in case you ever need to call a Politur office and get more information:

Politur Sosua:  809-754-3274

Playa Dorada:  809-320-3011

Cabarete: 809-754-3036

Politur Puerto Plata / Cofresi: 809-754-3013

Cabrera/Rio San Juan: 809-754-3091

Gustavo Mejia Ricart #121, Esq Teodoro Chasseriau
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Tel. (809 ) 222-2026 / 809-222-2123
email: contactos@politur.gob.do

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/politurd
Twitter: https://twitter.com/politurrd
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/politurrd
Politur Website ( click the link ): http://politur.gob.do/

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