Dominican Immigration

The Dominican Immigration Directorate is the governmental body called to exercise the legal safeguard of the sovereignty of our territory through immigration control, compliance with the rules regarding the entry and exit of Dominican and foreign citizens, as well as the registration and regularization of the permanence in the national territory.

Dominican Immigration office building

The quick link for those who know what they need from the Dominican Immigration office is this: Dirección General de Migración

The link goes straight to the English language version. If you need to learn more, here we publish the most important services offered:


  • Definitive Residence RD-1
  • Permanent Residence Application RP-1
  • Labor temporary residence RT-3
  • Ordinary Temporary Residence RT-9
  • Residence for investment in Rentier Quality
  • Temporary residence for religious purposes RT-4
  • investment Residence for management staff
  • Pensioned Residence
  • Residence for Foreign Investment
  • Rentier Residence (4 yrs)
  • investment Residence in investment quality
  • Residence for investment in quality of retirement
  • Changes of Migratory Category


  • Short-Term Permit
  • Stay Extension
  • Student Permit (E-1)
  • Temporary Worker Permit (PTT)
  • Certification of Departure of Minors
  • Renewal of Permits
  • Permit for Artists, Sports and Exchange Students


  • Marriage Naturalization
  • Migratory History Certification
  • Naturalization Via Parents
  • Loss of Foreign Residence
  • For Loss of Expired Passport
  • For Consent, Judicial and Customs
  • For Family Citizenship Purposes
  • Re-Entry Permit by Naturalization Process
  • Certification of Majority of Age


  • Renewal of Temporary Worker’s Permit
  • Ordinary Temporary Residence Renewal (RT-9)
  • Renewal of Student Permit
  • Rentier Renewal Residence
  • Permanent Residence Renewal (RP-1)
  • Permanent Residence Application (RP-1)
  • Renewal of Permits for Artists, Sports and Exchange Students


The Dominican Republic Electronic Ticket is issued by the Immigration Department, an online tool that allows for a  more efficient handling of the previously used registration card. It is required to enter and leave the country, and must be filled out online at least 72 hours before departure.

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