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The Dominican Ministry of Tourism is the lead institution when it comes to organizing the tourist experience in the Dominican Republic. This government body was established in 1979, and soon the island became an important all-inclusive destination in the Caribbean, when Puerto Plata opened the first beach resort complex, Playa Dorada.

The current Tourism Minister for 2020-2024 has been Lic. David Collado, a brilliant businessman turned TV show host and later the most successful mayor of Santo Domingo, the DR capital. With solid support from Dominican president Luis Abinader to the island's tourism sector since he took office, Mr. David Collado has shown impeccable performance, increasing the number of visitors like never before.

The Ministry of Tourism works closely with other Dominican Ministries to ensure the safety and efficiency of the tourist experience in the island, and has its own Tourist Police, called Policia Turistica (Politur) that patrols all the tourist zones in the Dominican Republic.

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Ministerio de Turismo de la República Dominicana
Ave. Cayetano Germosén #419, esq. Ave. Gregorio Luperón, Sector Mirador Sur, Santo Domingo República Dominicana.
Tel.:809-221-4660 | Fax: 809-740-4500


C/ Luis Ginebra #49. Puerto Plata.
Tel. 829-944-3852


Plaza Erick H, suite #7, carretera Sosua, Cabarete KM1.
Tel. 809-571-3433


Dominican Ministry of Tourism Regional Offices



  • New license for Travel Agencies, Reservations and Tickets
  • New license for Receptive/Emissive or Local/Domestic Tour Operator
  • New license for Time Share Operation
  • Request for Design Parameters for Projects
  • Request for Prior Project Analysis
  • Request for no objection to land use
  • Classification and standards of gift shops (GIFT SHOP)
  • Classification and standards of hotel establishments Classification and standards of Bars, Restaurants, Cafeterias and Nightclubs
  • Obtaining license for air transport, moral person Massage rooms in tourist areas.
  • Renewal of air transport license, moral person
  • Maritime transport operation license, natural person Renewal of operating license diving school, moral and natural person
  • Obtaining operating license for water sports, moral person
  • Obtaining operating license for theme parks, legal entity
  • Obtaining a license for maritime transport operation, moral person
  • Renewal of operating license diving school, moral person
  • Renewal of water sports license, moral person Renewal of maritime transport operation license, moral person
  • Renewal of water sports operating license, natural person
  • Obtaining an operating license to rent a luxury vehicle with a driver
  • Renewal of operating license for luxury vehicle rental with driver
  • Obtaining operating license for rent a car, moral person
  • Obtaining an operating license for a moral person horse ranch
  • Obtaining operating license for rent motor, legal and natural person

The Ministry of tourism of the Dominican Republic has a broad mission, and influences every aspect of the tourism sector in the island, which has turned it into the largest Caribbean destination by number of visitors.

The full list of tasks performed by the Tourism Ministry is quite lengthy:

  • Plan, program, organize, direct, promote, coordinate and evaluate the activities of the country's Tourism Industry, in accordance with the objectives, goals and national policies determined by the Executive Power.
  • Determine and supervise the Tourism Development Poles in the country and guide the projects to be carried out in them.
  • Guide, in accordance with the regulations in this regard, the design and construction of all the infrastructure works required for the development of the different tourism projects.
  • Coordinate, through the Corporation for the Promotion of the Hotel Industry and Tourism Development (Corphotel), the national activities aimed at the development of the hotel company.
  • Authorize, regulate, supervise and control the operation of tourist services, such as: Travel Agencies, Tourist Guides, Hotels and Restaurants, Bars, Quality Tourist Night Centers, Tourist Transport and all companies and individuals that provide services to tourists and/or carry out tourist activities.
  • Increase tourism production in the country by promoting the construction, financing, improvement and conservation of companies in the sector.
  • Coordinate the actions of all State agencies related to tourism, in order to achieve the best results in terms of service, protection or facilitation of the sector.
  • Evaluate tourism and non-tourism infrastructure projects protected by the Secretariat, in order to plan and territorially order said areas, to comply with Law No. 158-01, on Tourism Incentives.
  • Monitor the country's tourism development in order to maintain the tourism land use plan, established in Law No. 84 and its regulations.
  • Regularize and regulate, through inspections, all companies that offer travel agency services and tour operators nationwide.
  • Ensure the regularization of hotels, restaurants and food and beverage outlets, in terms of preparation, quality and prices.
  • Regulate and order all craft stores in our country, to comply with Law No. 84 and its Regulation No. 2123.
  • Regulate the maritime and land tourist transport service for passengers in ports, airports, beaches, restaurants, rivers and lakes.
  • Ensure the environmental sanitation of tourism and growth of ecotourism to frame the country in sustainable development and promote the complementary offer of nature, in order to diversify the Dominican tourism product.
  • Establish, in coordination with the Secretary, the tourism development programs of the Regional Directorates of the country, so that each one can carry out its work, according to the nature of its area, in order to attract national and international tourists.
  • Promote tourism development in the region through the execution of promotion and inspection programs that guarantee compliance with the laws and regulations of the Secretary of State for Tourism.
  • Guide members of cultural organizations (clubs, neighborhood associations, ecclesiastical associations, patron saint festival committees, foundations, etc.) in everything related to tourism development in the different areas.
  • Train, update and raise awareness of all the people involved in the tourism sector (peddlers, boatmen, trenceras, tourist taxi drivers, guides, mountaineers, air traffic, etc.) through talks, workshops, seminars, conferences, language courses, tourist scholarships , etc., to achieve a better understanding of the tourist activity and, therefore, its better execution.
  • Guarantee the promotion of tourism in the Dominican Republic outside the national territory, through the Foreign Tourism Promotion Offices, in order to attract tourists and obtain foreign exchange.
  • Design marketing strategies, in order to promote tourism in the Dominican Republic nationally and internationally.
  • Take the image of the country to the different countries of the world in order to promote it as a tourist destination, based on the artistic, cultural, folkloric, gastronomic, artisanal, eco-touristic, historical, monumental, museographic elements, rites, ceremonies, customs , architectural elements, in order to form a clear conception of the idiosyncrasy of the Dominican people.
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