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Security in Puerto Plata

Security in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic has been rated as the best in the island, and this has a lot to do with the region being the largest tourism destination with the largest number of expat residents. There will be the possibility of petty theft when venturing out of the areas patrolled by the authorities, specially the tourist police, Politur. Avoid dark alleys and places that common sense tells you it is not safe, basically the same global rules travelers follow anywhere.


The Dominican Republic National Police The Dominican Republic, a nation of sun-kissed beaches, rich history, and a vibrant culture, relies on its law enforcement agencies...


Dominican Republic Tourist Police Politur Dominican Republic Tourist Police is a special police to protect tourists, also referred to as the Tourist Police. They are...


Puerto Plata 911 The Puerto Plata 911 line is the national emergency  and security system in Dominican Republic, the hub that connects all first responder...


Dominican Transit Police Dominican transit police is known as Digesett ( Dirección General de Seguridad de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre). They are spread throughout the...


Cuerpo Especializado en Seguridad Aeroportuaria CESAC: Ensuring Airport Security in the Dominican Republic Airport security is a global concern, with countries all over the world focusing...

Private Security

Puerto Plata Private Security Private security in Puerto Plata has been in greater demand as the number of residential communities and businesses have grown in...

Road Assistance

Dominican Road Assistance - MOPC This service offers: Surveillance, protection, security and assistance on public roads, toll facilities, heritage areas, camps, construction projects carried out...

Personal Defense

Puerto Plata Gun Shops Puerto Plata gun shops might come in handy when you become a resident, and feel the need to own a firearm....

CCTV Camera & Alarms

Puerto Plata Camera & Alarm System Puerto Plata camera & Alarm installers are an essential part of life, because nothing brings more peace of mind...

Tourism, Transit, Road Assistance:

It is useful to know the difference between the various public and private security institutions, and the roles each play in our day to day when traveling or living in the Dominican Republic:

Puerto Plata security public and private
  • Politur: the tourist police is dedicated to the several tourist destinations inside the island, and they can be identified by the blue trousers and white shirts, sporting their distinctive logo badge. They are the first line of defense for tourists, and act quickly if a tourist requires assistance.
  • National Police: The national police covers the entire island, and can also be useful where needed. Just be sure you get a translator because it is hard to find one of them who can speak a second language. Their uniform color is gray, with black tie and boots. Some sport military fatigues, in dark/light gray shades.
  • Digesett: The former AMET is now called Digesett, an acronym for their institution. They control the flow of traffic and are quick to assist in the event of car accidents. They will also stop you for driving without buckling up, lack of license plates, yearly tax stickers, small children in front seat, etc.
  • MOPC Road Assistance: This is the free road assistance, quite handy when your car breaks down, or has a flat tire in the middle of the highway. They will provide services and security where the other three above might not be present, specially when driving long distances between cities.
  • 911 Line: All the above are available by calling the emergency line, 911, including ambulance, firemen, etc.
  • Private Security: Most gated residential areas include full time private security as part of the HOA (home owners association) fees, including some owners in non gated areas that split the costs among the block residents. There are several companies offering these services, we will include them in a list.
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