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Puerto Plata Town Hall – Ayuntamiento

Puerto Plata, a majestic city on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, is adorned with lush landscapes, beautiful beaches, and rich history. Central to this city’s administration is its town hall, locally referred to as the “Ayuntamiento.” For many years, this establishment has been the pivot for key decision-making processes that determine the city’s future. And in recent years, under the leadership of Mayor Diómedes Roque García Núñez (Roquelito), the Ayuntamiento has seen numerous transformative changes.

Roquelito Garcia: A Brief Introduction

Roquelito Garcia’s journey to becoming the mayor of Puerto Plata has been a testament to his dedication to the city and its inhabitants. Known for his charismatic approach and vision for the city’s future, Garcia has always emphasized community engagement, infrastructural development, and promoting tourism in Puerto Plata.

Key Achievements During His Term

1. **Infrastructure Development: One of the most noticeable transformations under Garcia’s leadership has been in the realm of infrastructure. Recognizing the potential of Puerto Plata as a prime tourist destination, he has championed the redevelopment of roads, public spaces, and landmarks to make them more accessible and attractive to both residents and visitors.

2. **Promotion of Culture & Heritage: Garcia understands the rich cultural heritage of Puerto Plata. He has made significant efforts to preserve and promote the city’s historical landmarks, festivals, and cultural events, ensuring that the city remains a vibrant hub of Dominican culture.

3. **Environmental Conservation: Under Garcia’s administration, there has been a renewed focus on environmental conservation. Initiatives aimed at promoting cleaner beaches, reducing pollution, and increasing green spaces have been introduced, making the city a more sustainable place to live and visit.

4. **Strengthened Local Economy: Through strategic partnerships, investment initiatives, and support for local businesses, Garcia has played a pivotal role in bolstering the city’s economy. Efforts have been made to diversify the economy, offering incentives to businesses, and creating an environment conducive to investment.


5. **Community Engagement: Garcia’s approach has always been community-centric. By regularly holding town hall meetings, listening to the needs and concerns of the residents, and involving them in decision-making processes, he has ensured that the city’s development is in line with the aspirations of its inhabitants.

The Puerto Plata Ayuntamiento, under the leadership of Roquelito Garcia, has seen a phase of reinvigoration. His dedication to the well-being of the city and its inhabitants is evident in the numerous positive changes that have come about during his tenure. As Puerto Plata continues to grow and develop, the foundation laid by leaders like Garcia ensures that its future remains bright.

Ayuntamiento de Puerto Plata
C. Separación, Puerto Plata 57000
Tel. +1809-586-2526

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