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Dominican Driver License registration is done at the INTRANT, the body of government that regulates transit in the island on land, including all the category levels of driving.

NOTE: Travelers to the Dominican Republic can use their own driver’s license during their stay in the Dominican Republic, shown in their tourist card (60-90 days). If you prefer to do so, you can also apply for an international drivers license.

How to Apply for a Dominican Driver’s License:

In the Dominican Republic, when you first apply for a driver’s license you get a Learning permit for 2 weeks, after you pass a theoretical exam. Then after 15 days you take the practical exam (driving) to get the final license.

In order to apply for a driver’s license in Puerto Plata (or anywhere in DR) you need to go online and make an appointment. Once you have the QR code then you can go to the Intrant’s office closest to you an follow the procedure to apply.


Issuance of the First Driver’s License – Practical Exam:

Consists of obtaining the official document to drive motor vehicles within the country, after having demonstrated the moral and physical conditions to possess the document, as well as theoretical-practical knowledge of driving and the legal provisions in force in the country regarding driving motor vehicles.

The driver’s license, according to the law, is valid for four (4) years from its issuance.
Who is it for: Citizens from the age of 16.
Department that offers it: Directorate of Driver’s Licenses.

  • Original Government ID
  • No unpaid traffic fines.
  • Make the payment of taxes for services.
  • Pay online through the INTRANT Virtual Office, with a credit and/or debit card at the place where the service will be performed or at the BanReservas Bank.
  • Submit the current Learning Card, after 15 days have elapsed from its issuance (45 days for minors) and not having exceeded six months from its issuance. - In the event that the Learning Card is expired, with less than one year from the date of its issue, you must pay the Renewal of Learning Card tax. Learning and Practical Exam. You can make the payment through the INTRANT virtual office. 
  • Approved practical exam with a minimum score of 75 points.
  • Procedures to follow
  • 1. Show up before the central headquarters or regional offices of the INTRANT Driver's License Directorate.
  • 2. Go through Registration.
  • 3. Approved practical exam.
  • 4. Go through photo capture and signature.
  • 5. Receive your driver's license document.

Working Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm
Cost: RD$2,500.00
ETA: 1 Hour

Official Source in Spanish - INTRANT

Among the other services offered by the National Institute of Transit and Transportation of the Dominican Republic:

  • Category 5 Driver’s License
  • Diplomatic Driver’s License
  • Double Trailer Special Permit
  • License Plates for Buggies and Trailers
  • Driver’s License for Military
  • Driver’s License for 16 year old minors


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