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Dominican Republic Government

The government of the Dominican Republic is essentially civil, republican, democratic and representative. Divided into three powers: legislative, executive and judicial, independent in the exercise of their respective functions, determined by the Constitution.

The Dominican Republic holds political elections every four years, to choose the President, Legislators and Mayors (presidential, legislative and municipal elections). The current President is Mr. Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona, the Vice President is Mrs. Raquel Peña, elected for the period 2020-2024.

Town Hall

Puerto Plata Town Hall - Ayuntamiento Puerto Plata, a majestic city on the northern coast...


Dominican Republic Presidency The government of the Dominican Republic is based on a representative democracy....


The Dominican Republic Justice system  The administration of justice at the national level is organized,...

Ministry of Tourism

The Dominican Ministry of Tourism is the lead institution when it comes to organizing the tourist experience in the Dominican Republic.


The Senator of Puerto Plata Puerto Plata, one of the Dominican Republic's most vibrant provinces,...


The Governor of Puerto Plata Puerto Plata, a shimmering province located in the northern coast...

Puerto Plata Authorities

The local government that represents the President in Puerto Plata is the Governor, who is appointed by him; Also other representatives appointed by the people: The Senator, the State representatives (Diputados) and the Mayor who runs the city from the town hall.

For the 2020-2024 period the elected Senator is Mrs. Ginette Bournigal, and for the post of Mayor Mr. Roquelito Garcia. Emil Duran is the State’s main Representative. This section has links to the informative pages of the government, both national and regional, also its representatives and the Justice Department.

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