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Traveling to Puerto Plata

Traveling to Puerto Plata (or from it) requires the standard preparation as to other destinations within the island; the Access Passport includes here various sections on Immigration, airports, the Dominican passport office and a list of all the foreign embassies and consulates within the Dominican Republic. Find also useful information on the Dominican Ministry of tourism, the official source where we gather all the news from. Here you can also find information on all the airlines with direct flights to the island, and travel agencies.


Dominican Immigration The Dominican Immigration Directorate is the governmental body called to exercise the legal safeguard of the sovereignty of our territory through immigration control,...


Foreign Embassies Foreign Embassies in the Dominican Republic are the backbone of travel, as some tourists and resident foreigners might need assistance regarding lost or...


Foreign Consulates This list contains all the foreign consulates in the Dominican Republic, by alphabetical order. Some are located in Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Santiago,...

Ministry of Tourism

The Dominican Ministry of Tourism is the lead institution when it comes to organizing the tourist experience in the Dominican Republic.


Dominican Republic airports are the gateway to the beautiful regions of this tropical island, and the size and variety fits every traveler need, be...

Customs Allowance

Entering or leaving Puerto Plata, or any other destination within the Dominican Republic, you should know about customs regulations and which goods must be declared.

Dominican Passport Office

The General Directorate of Passports is a dependency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the purpose of issuing ordinary passports as travel documents to Dominican citizens and naturalized foreigners.

Traveling With Pets

Traveling With Pets to Dominican Republic Traveling with pets to the Dominican Republic and Zoosanitary requirements to import dogs and cats by air travel. The...

Dominican Republic E-Ticket

E Ticket Dominican Republic E Ticket Dominican Republic is the official electronic ticket registration form to fill out before traveling in or out of the...

Travel E-Ticket

Registration to enter or leave the island is done online using the Dominican Republic E Ticket. This form is easy to fill using any mobile device with internet access, and Wifi is freely available at the airport so you can use it. The resulting QR code is then used to go through customs so you need to save it. If you need to read more about it just visit the link above.

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