Puerto Plata Utilities

Puerto Plata utilities are serviced by both public (governmental) and private providers, and the area where you live will be determining which provider you can choose. The National grid in the North Dominican Republic is serviced by Electricidad del Norte (Edenorte) which delivers with minimal interruption in most communities.

The second player (PPE) is dedicated to Playa Dorada and its surrounding areas of El Doral, Torre Alta, etc. in the main city (San Felipe), with close to 99% uptime. Considering the amount of sunlight in the island and the savings from it, many are installing solar power technology in their homes.

Electrical Voltage in Dominican Republic is 110V

In the DR you can find type A and type B outlets and connectors. We use 220V only for air conditioning connections; you can choose to install 220V outlets in your home if you truly need them (special European appliances might require it).

electrical plug and voltage Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata Electrical Power Companies:

Solar Power Panel Providers:

  • Everwell Tel. (809) 320-9200  (Puerto Plata) https://www.everwell.com.do
  • Pro Star Solar Tel. (829) 455-5344
  • Special Watt Tel. (809) 737-8041
  • EVR Solar Dominicana Tel. (809) 571-1280
  • DR Solar Pool Tel. (809) 571-2217
  • Energy Light Sosua Tel. (809) 571-2477
Puerto Plata Water Company:

The main provider of water in the North DR is the state-owned Corporacion de Acueducto de Puerto Plata (Coraaplata). The only competitor for them is the private water truck delivery service. Sometimes you will need to quickly fill a swimming pool or cistern, and these numbers can be very handy.


Private Water Truck Service
  • Agua Puerto Plata Tel. 829-452-4289 (Puerto Plata)
  • Carlos Water Service Tel. (809) 839-8391 (Puerto Plata)
  • Koko Water Delivery Tel. (829) 804-7842 (Sosua)
  • Agua Bonilla Tel. 809-657-4166 (Sosua)
Gas Service Suppliers in Puerto Plata:

Cooking propane gas is easy to buy anywhere in the island, including Puerto Plata. Just drive in any major highway and you will find many stations now used to fill propane-powered cars as well. Tropigas, a major player in the business offers propane delivery, a big plus.

tropigas gas delivery

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