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Dominican Road Assistance – MOPC

This service offers: Surveillance, protection, security and assistance on public roads, toll facilities, heritage areas, camps, construction projects carried out and their expropriations; as well as supporting the management of community civic action plans, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications.

Dominican road assistance
Dominican Road Assistance by MOPC

Who is it addressed to?

To all people who travel on land communication routes nationwide.

Responsible area

COMIPOL (Military and Police Commission)

Area contacts

Phone: 829-688-1000


Service Provision

Cost: Free
Service provision hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Service delivery channels: In-person
Response time: 20 minutes
Service access: WhatsApp, Appstore, Playstore

The Military and Police Commission of the MOPC has assumed the “Road Protection and Assistance Plan”, creating a system of surveillance, protection, security and road assistance at the national level.

Headed by Gen. Estanislao Gonell Regalado, COMIPOL has more than 180 vehicle units, including vans that function as highway patrols, motorcycles that cover the entire urban area, Gomeros and mobile workshops, ambulances and tow trucks.

Monitor, protect and provide road assistance on vehicle lanes, toll facilities, heritage areas, camps, construction projects carried out and their expropriations; under the responsibility of this Ministry; strengthening the Citizen Security Plan.

To be a model of road and property safety of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications at the national level that, as a result of the reinforcement of the measures and procedures of the functions inherent to this commission, allows strengthening National Security and Defense in its areas of responsibility. , neutralizing any threat that threatens national security.

Loyalty, Discipline, Commitment, Honesty, Capacity, Selfless Service, Integrity and Gender Equity.

The Military and Police Commission of the MOPC is responsible for the security of fifteen (15) Toll stations that currently operate in the country and are:

  • Coral 1
  • Coral 2
  • Roman Ring Road
  • Las Americas Highway
  • Marbella (Northeast Highway)
  • Naranjal (Northeast Highway)
  • Guaraguao (Northeast Highway)
  • Catey (Samaná Highway)
  • Duarte (Duarte Highway)
  • November 6 (November 6 Highway)
  • May 30 (Highway. May 30)
  • Juan Bosch ring road section 1
  • Juan Bosch ring road section 2
  • Juan Bosch ring road section 2B
  • The mobile units are deployed on the following land communication routes: San Pedro-La Romana Highway, Roman Beltway, Punta Cana Tourist Boulevard, Coral Highway, Eastern Highway, Uvero Alto-Miches Highway, Las Américas Highway, Northeast Highway , Duarte Highway, Joaquín Balaguer Highway, Navarrete-Puerto Highway. Plata, 6 de Noviembre Highway, Sánchez Highway, Azua-San Juan Highway, Barahona-Paraíso-Pedernales Highway, North Atlantic Corridor and Santo Domingo Beltway.

Asistencia Vial
Tel. 829-688-1000


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