Puerto Plata Telecom services

Puerto Plata Telecom services are available from various companies, some national and others regional. The top providers are Claro and Altice, both offering mobile phone, residential landlines, Cable TV and internet services. Starlink joined the market in 2022, via satellite. Other smaller companies offer Cable TV and Internet service in the North Coast, in some cases where the big ones do not. You can find them in this index.

claro telecom logo

Claro Dominicana has been around for a while, and their service in urban areas is much better, specially fiber optic connections. The Rates these days are competitive, with download speeds of up to 300mbps ( as of Sept. 2022 ). Check the links to view the current updates.

Also for Sosua, Cabarete, Cofresi and Costambar; the service can be subscribed via local authorized dealers, though these days it can also be done online and by telephone just the same.

Claro WiFi in Puerto Plata
Claro offers good value in their WiFi Plans.

Coverage: Claro Dominicana is widespread with mobile all across the island, except in some remote locations. They also offer residential cable TV and landline service. Claro also has a satellite TV service available for urban and remote areas.

Altice telecom DR

Altice has become a formidable competitor, with bundles of Cable TV, Phone and Internet that truly deliver. In Urban areas this is an excellent choice both for residential and business customers.

Altice internet in Puerto Plata DR

Coverage: around 70% of the national territory, with 3,4 and 5G mobile internet. Altice also offers residential fiber optic Internet and home phone service in Puerto Plata. It is a solid network, at competitive prices. Their mobile service is one of the top in the North Coast regions of Puerto Plata, now with fiber optic.

starlink logo

More recently introduced, Starlink satellite service is now offering 200 mbps at a low price point of only US$2,990.00 (around US$56.00) per month, a true bargain. This is perfect for anyone who lives in one of so many areas where satellite makes a real difference, or those who can afford the high set up fee.

Starlink antenna and router

Now that latency and speed are no longer an issue for satellite internet, many who live in urban areas are taking advantage of the Starlink constellation, which can be mobile for about US$20 extra in the monthly bill. Set up fees are the highest of all providers, at around US$500.00 just to sign up and get the dish.

Coverage: nationwide. This service covers 100% of the island as expected, including all remote areas. Since most people use VoiP phone service (Vonage, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc) this means zero issues phone/data service 24/7 as long as you have uninterrupted electrical power. 

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