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Puerto Plata Gun Shops

Puerto Plata gun shops might come in handy when you become a resident, and feel the need to own a firearm. Although life in the Puerto Plata region is considered much safer, residents who stay long term can add an extra layer of protection that brings even more peace of mind.

Gun shops, or armerias in the Dominican Republic are found in many cities and towns, the top ones in Santo Domingo and Santiago. It is good to note that in the Dominican Republic you can not buy or own assault rifles, just hand guns, hunting rifles and shotguns (and you need to be a resident.

Carry permits are for concealed and possession, the person must be over 30 years of age, have no criminal record and fill out an extensive form that includes a mental health test certified by a local doctor.


Glock Handguns
Glock is the top brand for concealed handguns.

There are many handgun brands you might be familiar with, and to make it easier we will narrow down a selection of what we consider is available in the DR. Please note that weapons import to the DR is banned, so options are few and far more expensive than in the States or Canada.

  1. Glock (Austria)
  2. Sig Sauer (Germany)
  3. Smith & Wesson (USA)
  4. Beretta (Italy)
  5. Taurus (Brazil)
  6. Walther (Germany)
  7. HS Guns (Croatia)
  8. HK Guns (Germany)

There are also other firearms brands worth considering, but for practical reasons we will keep the list short, as you can go online and research other models. Notice that most personal defense guns today are made of polymer, meaning less weight and easier to carry.

Dominican Armerias

You can catch a sample of what to expect before you head out to a gun store in the Dominican Republic, visiting their social media accounts in Facebook or Instagram. Most of these gun stores are located in Santo Domingo, where the permits are issued by the Ministry of the Interior & Police.

How to Obtain/Renovate a Gun Permit in DR


To obtain a new gun permit in the Dominican Republic you must be a resident, be 30 years of age or older, have no criminal record and undergo a psychological evaluation. The first step is to apply online here:

Almost all gun stores will take care of the process for you, and help you through the process. If you buy from an individual, then you need to know all the steps -do not pay more than a deposit in advance because you do not know if the weapon will pass the background check.

Costs in DR$ Pesos:

Ballistic and Biometric Tests (first time) – RD$4,620.00
Firearm Instruction Manual – RD$100.00
Issuance of License for Shotguns (Possession) – RD$4,720.00
Issuance of License for Shotguns (Concealed carry) – RD$805.00
Issuance of License for Pistols and Revolvers (Possession) – RD$6,345.00
Issuance of License for Pistols and Revolvers (Concealed carry) – RD$805.00

Top tier guns are very expensive in the DR, this because all gun imports are banned and existing inventory is limited. Because of this, a Glock might cost over US$10,000.00 when in fact it only costs $600-800 in the USA. This has kept a certain control over arms in the DR, where a mass shooting event never happens.

Request for Renewal of Permit to Carry and Possession of Firearms

Service description: Update of firearms permits that are expired for pistols and revolvers, in the case of shotguns and rifles their renewal will be permanent.

Service offered by: Directorate of registration and control of firearms Juan Pablo Duarte Building, 11th Floor, Av México, Esq. Leopoldo Navarro, Gazcue, Santo Domingo

Contact Phone: 809-686-6251, Ext: 3501/3502 Email:



Weapons Transfer in the Dominican Republic have the same requirements as new permits: be over 30 years of age, have no criminal record, and be a resident of the country. The process requires that the firearm be deposited at the Ministry of Interior & Police, where it will undergo a background check, ballistic testing and registering that takes 2 weeks.

Civilians in the DR are only allowed to own handguns and shotguns, so beware if anyone offers you any other kind of weapon. Also, never pay for a firearm before having it screened at the official Ministry, as you can lose your money for paying first and then finding out later that the gun did not pass the required background check.

The link below is the official form to initiate a weapons transfer, usually when you buy from a gun shop they will handle this for you.


weapons transfer form
Click to view the form in the official website.

Law 631-16 regulates gun possession in the Dominican Republic, we have translated the document using Google, please find the original in Spanish, here:

Original source in Spanish: Ley de Armas 631-16 Republica Dominicana


Gun Shooting Range

The Heptagono Shooting Range in Santiago provides a perfect spot to practice your firearm shooting skills, buy supplies and meet like minded people. It is the closest to the North Coast region of Puerto Plata, with excellent services, staff and location.

On FB:
Address: Carretera Santiago, Licey Km 3-1/2, Pontezuela, en la calle Villa Residencial, detrás del Centro Patxot., Santiago, Dominican Republic
Contact Tel: +1 (809)724-8476


If you prefer to hire private security where you live and work, there are many options available for a day or as a monthly basis, including driver service with concealed carrying bodyguard. Although not needed that much in the North DR, some people might need it more than others due to their individual social or political status.

The website page for the Ministry of Interior is in Spanish, so use the Google website translator to switch it to another language. Never, ever buy a gun from an individual without following official procedures, it will put you in prison, and lose your investment on the gun. Foreigners will be better off buying from a registered, licensed Armeria.

Interior & Policia DR

Ministerio de Interior & Policia
Edificio de Oficinas Gubernamentales, Av México, Santo Domingo 10201
Teléfono: (809) 686-6251
On FB:

Courtesy of Puerto Plata DR Travel Guide.

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